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This page is about the monster-only spell. For the targeting mode, see List of spells by flag (smiting).
Level 4
Casting noise 0
Spell noise 0
This spell smites your foe with divine wrath.

Smiting is an attack often used by enemy priests, including those irritating early orc priests. The base damage is minor (~15 points), but is nearly impossible to avoid: if it can see you, it can smite you. Intervening monsters and features like plants, statues, or iron grates are no obstacle (but transparent walls are). The attack also ignores player resistances, EV, and AC. The only defense against smiting is to stay out of the smiter's line of sight... or kill them before they can smite you.

Players who worship Beogh can gain their own smite power. This becomes more powerful with Invocations, reaching approximately 40 max damage at 27 Invocations. The formula is 7 + 33 * (1d(x) - 1)/191 , where x is approximately 30 + 6 * Invocations. Smiting is also possible with a rod of smiting, but in that case x is 5 + 3 * Evocations.

Certain gods may smite those who anger them. This does 4 + d10 + 4dXL damage, with piety/400 chance of no effect, and decreases your penance counter.

List of Smiters


Smite Targeting

These player-usable spells have the same targeting rules as Smiting, despite not being smiting attacks.

These spells have similar targeting rules, but can target any grid square, not just those that contain a creature.

Note that, smite targeting cannot fire from behind a transparent wall, but can fire from behind a iron grate.

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