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  • ...ou to play using widely different play styles, depending on your character and god choice. The wide variety of choices offered might intimidate or even ov ...Find a big weapon and the heaviest armour, worship [[Trog]] or [[Okawaru]] and beat things to death.
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  • See also [[List of attack spells and beams by maximum damage]]. == All spells and abilities ==
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  • The damage specified is (approximately) maximum and average damage is half that. Generation is done approximately by throwing t See also [[Table of attack spells and beams by maximum range]].
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  • ...ery important, as almost all species need to eat, or they will grow hungry and eventually die of starvation. Luckily, there are many sources of nutrition ...ire less food than others, but characters also use more food when fighting and/or casting spells.
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  • [[File:Gyre and Gimble.png]] '''''the +7 quick blades "Gyre" and "Gimble"''''' '''Gyre and Gimble''' are an unusual weapon - thematically two separate weapons, they a
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  • escape from a deadly situation (such as an unexpected monster wandering into view when you're low on [[HP]], or a situation that has spiraled out of con ...number of escape options, as well as means of healing, disabling monsters, and many other things which just might save your life.
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  • This is a collection of random tips and tricks for those who are starting to play ''Dungeon Crawl''. ...puter to do something else, then come back later -- some time to calm down and think can often let you salvage a situation that originally looked hopeless
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  • #REDIRECT [[Comestibles and satiation]]
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  • ...i>s [[list of arthropods|arthropods]], they are largely weak to [[poison]] and lack endoskeletons, meaning they cannot be raised as [[skeleton]]s. swift worms with painful bites that can [[Harpoon Shot|pull passersby]] into the murk of [[the Swamp]].
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  • ...draconian breath attack|breathe fire]], their bites are usually dangerous, and some have additional abilities as well. Fortunately, they are all [[cold-bl {{monsterlink|Leopard gecko}} - Faster, tougher, and stronger than frilled lizards, they are the most dangerous animals found on
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  • #REDIRECT [[Gyre and Gimble]]
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  • ...parlance); your character is defined more by their [[skills]], [[species]] and choice of [[God|deity]] than their background. ...r added to or edited a wiki before, don't worry! It's not very challenging and there's a very useful [[Help:Contents|help section]] explaining how to get
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  • ...'''. Most are essentially humanoid, although some are human-animal hybrids and a few are even stranger. ...ain dwarf]], unable to regenerate, but with a strong empathy for the earth and the ability to intrinsically resist small amounts of damage.
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  • ...of all the species available to players. Humans advance quickly in levels and have equal abilities in most skills.}} ...h]], [[Intelligence]] and [[Dexterity]] of 8 (before Background modifiers) and have normal base [[magic points]].
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  • balls of fire. The caster and their allies are protected from the fire and will never be harmed by this spell.}}
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  • in melee, too. She usually summons two or three [[hydra]]s to her side, and as she is whittled down to half her health, she'll reveal her true form... ...or [[trample]] attacks, more AC, a powerful [[Primal Wave]] breath weapon, and a ring of storm clouds that can do heavy [[electricity]] damage, striking d
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  • ...gic, but are highly skilled with most other forms of magic, especially Air and Charms.}} ...Intelligence]] of 11 and [[Dexterity]] of 10 (before Background modifiers) and have one extra base [[magic points|magic point]].
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  • ...and adapted physically to their new environment, becoming shorter, weaker, and losing all colouration. They are poor at melee combat, but excellent at fig Deep Elves have a base [[Strength]] of 5, [[Intelligence]] of 12 and [[Dexterity]] of 10 (before Background modifiers). They have two extra base
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  • ...perlative transmuters, and are comfortable dabbling in necromantic, poison and elemental magic. As fighters, they are often more dangerous unarmed than ar ...or Sludge Elves, elven armour impeded spellcasting less than other armours and improved their effective [[Armour skill]]. They were slightly more accurate
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  • ...reserves of magic. They are passively able to reduce all incoming damage, and their empathy with the earth allows them to sense their surroundings; these ...vine assistance for healing. They are most at home with the magic of earth and death, eventually gaining some resistance to the dark powers of necromancy.
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  • ...ins (the Cave Orcs) possess below the ground, descend in search of plunder and adventure. ...using missile weapons. Hill Orcs are passable users of most types of magic and are particularly skilled with Fire.
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  • well as in the water. Experts at swimming, they need not fear drowning and move very quickly through water. ...he most efficient ways to fight underwater. They therefore prefer polearms and short swords above all other weapons, though they can also use longer sword
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  • ...ut half the size of Humans, live in small villages. They live simple lives and have simple interests. Sometimes a particularly restless Halfling will leav ...hy and dextrous, but are poor at magic (except for charms, translocations, and air magic). They advance in levels as rapidly as Humans. Halflings cannot w
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  • ...melee attacks inflict both [[sickness]] and [[retching]] in their victims, and upon death, their body spills out a rapidly expanding [[cloud]] of [[miasma range. The miasma will spread faster than you can walk or slither away, and no one wants to rot any more than they absolutely have to.
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  • ...on carrion (which they can eat even when not hungry), but are carnivorous and can only eat meat. Kobolds advance in levels as quickly as Humans. Like Hal *[[Carnivorous]]: Kobolds gain more sustenance from meat chunks and can eat [[chunk]]s until engorged.
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  • ...s from anywhere within its [[line of sight]]. They do not occur naturally, and can only be encountered if summoned by a [[curse toe]].
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  • small magical creatures distantly related to Elves. They love to frolic and cast mischievous spells. makes them unable to wear most armour. They cannot wield large weapons, and even most smaller weapons require both hands to be wielded by a Spriggan.}}
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  • ...isible creatures, and have tough skin, but their tails are relatively slow and cannot move them around as quickly as can other creatures' legs (this only Nagas can spit poison; the range, accuracy and damage of this poison increases with the Naga's experience level.}}
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  • specific weapon skills. They advance quite slowly in experience levels and are rather sub-par at using magic. Like Nagas, they receive reduced protect *[[Deformed]]: A Centaur's equine body fits poorly into armour.
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  • {{flavour|Ogres are huge, chunky creatures who are very strong and robust, but are not nimble at all. They possess a raw talent for magic, but Their preferred methods of avoiding beatings are dodging and the use of shields, but they can also use armours made from magical hides,
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  • ...even the most terrible wounds. However, they are hopeless at spellcasting and learn most skills very slowly.}} *[[Good mutations#Shaggy Fur|Shaggy Fur]] 1 and [[Good_mutations#Tough_Skin|Tough Skin]] 2: Trolls get +3 [[AC]].
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