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Prior to [[0.15]], spider form provided a boost in speed and clinging.
Prior to [[0.15]], Spider Form provided above-average speed and the ability to cling to walls.
[[Category:Status effects]]
[[Category:Status effects]]

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Version 0.15: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Spider form.png Spider Form
Level 3
School1 Transmutation
School2 Poison
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 0
This spell temporarily transforms the caster into a venomous, spider-like creature. Spellcasting is slightly more difficult in this form.

Spider Form transforms the user into a giant spider. This transformation grants the following:



  • Merges all equipment except jewellery
  • Cannot throw weapons or use wands
  • Natural AC is 2
  • -10% to spell success
  • Vulnerability to poison. Can be negated with a source of poison resistance, but sources do not stack.

The duration of the transformation is 10 + random2(power) + random2(power), capped at 60 turns.

Mummies and ghouls cannot memorize this spell. Vampires can memorize this spell, but cannot cast it if they are satiated or less.

As with all transformations, you lose all effects from melded armour and weapons, including any helpful resistances they may have granted you. Octopodes keep their 8 ring slots.

The Shining One doesn't seem to mind if you cast this spell, but you will incur penance if you poison a sentient, non-evil monster. Using it against animals, undead, or demons works just fine (though the latter two are immune to poison).


This spell is quite useful for low-level Transmuters, as it is fairly easy to cast and can be made reliably castable with only 1 or 2 levels in Poison Magic (which can be used for other low-level spells like Sting or Cure Poison). Although the base damage is low, most monsters you encounter early in the dungeon are not poison resistant. Monsters will also have a harder time hitting you because of the evasion bonuses, but be aware that when they do manage to land a hit, you'll have very low AC to reduce it. Octopode and felid transmuters won't have to worry about the AC reduction, as their natural AC is already extremely low.

Be careful about using this spell around enemies with poisonous attacks, as it is impossible to have poison resistance while in Spider Form (and you'll be vulnerable to poison unless you've found a source of rPois). For poisonous enemies, consider upgrading to Ice Form later, if your skill progression makes it worthwhile. Other hazards to watch out for are high-accuracy effects that target AC, such as Fireball or Airstrike.

Spider Form
Spider transform.png


Prior to 0.15, Spider Form provided above-average speed and the ability to cling to walls.