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*Body [[armour]], [[gloves]], and [[boots]] meld into your character, becoming inactive.
*Body [[armour]], [[gloves]], and [[boots]] meld into your character, becoming inactive.
*Best movespeed is increased to 1.5.
*Base movespeed is increased to 1.5.
*The base cost of all other actions is increased by 50% (similar to being under the effect of the [[Slow]] spell)
*The base cost of all other actions is increased by 50% (similar to being under the effect of the [[Slow]] spell)
*-2 [[dexterity]]
*-2 [[dexterity]]

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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Statue form.png Statue Form
Level 6
School1 Transmutation
School2 Earth
Casting noise 5
Spell noise 0
This spell temporarily transforms the caster into a slow-moving (but extremely robust) stone statue, capable of dealing monstrous blows with weapons or bare fists. The caster's stone body is insulated from electricity and gains resistance to poison, rotting, and negative energy.

Statue Form is a level 6 Transmutations/Earth Magic spell which changes the caster into a sentient, mobile statue. This makes the caster immensely strong and gives him the endurance of stone, but makes his actions slower. Gargoyles cannot cast this spell. For the duration of this spell the caster gains the following:




  • Despite the scary sounding speed penalty, Statue Form is worth using. This spell is most useful for characters who fight in melee and are unable to use most or all armors, like trolls, felids, and octopodes, though any character in need of one of the many resistances it offers will find it useful, particularly if they have access to a source of Haste to negate the speed penalty.
  • Merfolk, octopodes, and grey draconians can still use Statue Form in deep water, as they are adapted for survival underwater. However, you will incur the penalties from standing in shallow water.
Humanoid Centaur Naga Octopode Felid
Statue form humanoid.png Statue form centaur.png Statue form naga.png Statue form octopode.png Statue form felid.png


Prior to 0.19, Statue Form's AC bonus lower. This change was made as a result of Stoneskin being removed.

Prior to 0.17, Statue Form increased the AC bonus from Stoneskin.

Prior to 0.16, Gargoyles could cast Statue Form.

Prior to 0.15, Statue Form also granted -10 EV, and gave gargoyles 62% GDR. It also used Earth Magic to determine AC instead of spell power.

Prior to 0.14, merfolk could not use Statue Form in deep water (if they fell in while in Statue Form, they would revert to normal).

Prior to 0.13, it only granted the player one level of poison resistance.