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===Divine Shield===
===Divine Shield===
[[The Shining One]] is protecting you from attacks, boosting your [[Shield stat]] for a brief time.
[[The Shining One]] is protecting you from attacks, boosting your [[Shield (stat)|blocking defense]] for a brief time.

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Version 0.19: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Status effects are temporary enhancements and ailments that both you and the inhabitants of the Dungeon can benefit or suffer from. Unlike mutations, status effects will run their course after enough time has passed or after you escape whatever's inflicting the effect. Many status effects can be cured or prevented in a variety of ways; see their individual pages for details. There are also in-game descriptions of statuses available (hit ?, then /, then t for sTatus, then type in the indicator text you see).

Most status effects will display a coloured (often abbreviated) word in your character information for as long as they last. Status effects that have a limited duration will often turn a darker colour as the effect nears its end, whereas other status effects use a darker colour to indicate increasing severity of the effect.


Beneficial Status Effects



Quaffing a potion of agility will give you a bonus to dexterity, stealth, and evasion.


Aug Aug Aug

Demonspawn with the Augmentation demonspawn mutation gain slaying and spell power bonuses as their HP rises. The brighter the colour of the effect, the larger the bonus.



You have gone berserk, gaining a huge boost to HP, melee damage, and speed. Just watch out for the crash afterward.

Black Mark

Creatures with the black mark status can heal themselves and apply draining, slowness, or antimagic to creatures they hit. Player demonspawn with the mutation don't heal themselves and apply weakness instead of slow.



Quaffing a potion of brilliance will give you a bonus to intelligence, spell power, and spell success rate.

Confusing Touch


Casting Confusing Touch will imbue your hands with strange energy, causing your melee attacks to confuse the enemy.



Casting Darkness will reduce your line of sight, making it easier to avoid detection by monsters.

Death Channel


Any living creature you kill while under the effect of Death Channel will rise as a spectral thing to serve you.

Death's Door


Casting Death's Door will render you temporarily invulnerable, but reduces your HP to almost nothing and leaves you exhausted afterwards.

Deflect Missiles


Casting Deflect Missiles will cause you to strongly repulse almost all ranged attacks fired at you.



Casting Disjunction causes all enemies around you to blink away, with a success rate that rises as they approach you.

Divine Protection


Elyvilon's Divine Protection ability will render you invulnerable to any attack that would otherwise kill you, though at a significant cost to piety each time it triggers.

Divine Shield

The Shining One is protecting you from attacks, boosting your blocking defense for a brief time.



You're so full of food you can't eat another bite. You definitely won't be starving anytime soon.


Vampires get this instead of Engorged, but it's no different from being Full/Very Full.



Okawaru's Finesse ability doubles the speed of all of your physical attacks.



You're airborne! You can travel over impassable terrain, take less damage from Shatter, and take more damage from Airstrike.


Your flight is nearly over. Get to solid ground, or drink another potion of flight to keep going.


Your flight should have ended, but that would've dropped you in some sort of deep liquid and killed you. The strain of staying airborne will keep draining you until you reach land, so do that pronto!


Your flight is limitless! End it whenever you want.

Full/Very Full

Full/Very Full

You are well fed! You won't be going hungry any time soon and can safely wield a vampiric weapon. Vampires come to life and start healing faster.



All actions performed by a hasted creature take 66% as long as normal to complete.

Heavenly Storm

Storm (X)

Using Wu Jian's Heavenly Storm ability gives you a huge slaying bonus (indicated by the number represented by X) and constantly generates opaque clouds around you. Using your martial attacks increases your slaying bonus, but doing anything else decreases the bonus until it reaches 0, at which point the storm expires.



Okawaru's Heroism ability gives you a +5 bonus to all non-magical skills.



Invisible characters are given bonuses in combat when fighting monsters that can't see invisible. Invisible monsters are difficult to detect and gain similar bonuses when attacking you.


You turned invisible using a piece of magical equipment. This equipment is reusable, but using it makes you hungry while you're invisible and gives you extra magic contamination if you take it off before the invisibility ends.


You're technically still invisible, but monsters can still see you because you're glowing or standing in shallow water or clouds.

Leda's Liquefaction


Casting Leda's Liquefaction will convert the ground all around you into a soupy mess. This reduces the movement rate and melee attack success rate of anything stuck in it (including you!)



Quaffing a potion of might will give you a bonus to strength and melee damage.

Mirror Damage


Yredelemnul's Mirror Damage ability causes anyone attacking you to take an equal amount of damage themselves. Be warned; certain monsters can also use this power!

Olgreb's Toxic Radiance


Casting Olgreb's Toxic Radiance poisons everything in your LOS each turn for a few turns.

Ozocubu's Armour

Casting Ozocubu's Armour will cover you in a sheet of protective ice, boosting AC. It breaks if you move, though.

Powered by Death

Regen (X)

Demonspawn with the Powered by Death demonspawn mutation will recover HP faster after killing monsters. The number (marked by the 'X') indicates how much faster you heal.

Quad Damage


Using a quad damage will multiply your damage output by 4. Only found in Dungeon Sprint.



Casting the Recall spell will cause allied units to teleport to your location over time.



Casting Regenerate increases your regeneration rate.

Repel Missiles


Creatures that repel missiles are harder to hit with ranged attacks. Players don't see the temporary status effect anymore, but monsters can still have it.


This effect is permanent, usually due to wearing a scarf of repulsion or following Qazlal.



Quaffing a potion of resistance will grant you resistance to fire, cold, electricity, poison, and acid for a short time.

Ring of Flames


Casting Ring of Flames will surround you with fire clouds, boost your fire resistance, and enhance the spell power of your Fire Magic, but renders you very vulnerable to cold.



Ashenzari's Scrying power allows you to see through walls as though they were transparent. This does not stop them from blocking your attacks and spells, however.

Searing Ray

Ray Ray+ Ray++

You're casting Searing Ray and still have more turns of laser to dish out. Press . to keep it coming.

Serpent's Lash

Lash (X)

Using Wu Jian's Serpent's Lash ability gives you a couple of turns of free movement (the X represents how many turns you have left). Your martial attacks are much stronger during this period, but you become exhausted after the ability ends.

Shroud of Golubria


Casting Shroud of Golubria will cover you in a sheath of distorted space that occasionally turns away melee attacks.


While you are emitting a silence aura, most creatures (including you) caught in its effect will be unable to cast spells, read scrolls, or use divine abilities. Certain abilities can't be silenced, and demons ignore the effects of silence.



Jiyva's Slimify ability will make your next melee attack that hits turn your target into a jelly.



The Swiftness spell increases your movement speed for a while, but then makes you sluggish for a while.


Your increased speed is nearly over and you'll start moving slowly soon.


You are knee deep in water and slow down to normal wading speed.



You are going to teleport in the next few turns. Generate another teleport before this one goes off to negate it. Or wear an artefact that negates all teleporting.



Casting Tornado will create a raging storm around you, granting you flight, penalizing your spell success rate, and brutalizing everything within its reach, damaging them and tossing them around.


There are a number of useful alternative forms you can assume, many of which are from Transmutations spells:


Beastly Appendage


Blade Hands


Spider Form


Ice Form


Statue Form


Hydra Form


Dragon Form




Bat Form


Tree Form


Shadow Form



Zin is filling you with divine health, boosting your stats and protecting you from stat damage and many negative status effects.

Detrimental Status Effects


As monsters are struck by antimagic weapons, they become more likely to fail to cast their spells. Players simply lose MP.

Bad Forms

Getting hit by an enemy's Polymorph spell will temporarily force you into one of several less-than-ideal forms:


Pig Form


Fungus Form


Porcupine Form


Wisp Form


Blind monsters will treat your character as though it were invisible. This negates any see invisible it may have.


Charmed monsters will ally with you and fight on your side... for a while.



Confused creatures can't choose which direction to move or attack in and many actions are disabled.



Being constricted means that an enemy is crushing you each turn, dealing damage, reducing evasion and preventing you from moving. Kill it or break free by attempting to move away!


Several abilities can't be used right after you've used them; most of these will wear off given enough time.


You're too tired to go berserk right now.


You can't use any draconian breath attacks or naga poison spit for a while.


You're too tired to cast Death's Door right now. Be extra careful -- your HP is probably still extremely low!


You are too tired to use any of Ru's abilities or Wu Jian's Serpent's Lash right now.


You're too tired to Hop again at the moment; spend some time without moving to recover.


You can't use Zin's Recite ability now.


You can't start another Tornado right now.



The Corona spell will render its target much easier to hit, reducing evasion and negating invisibility.


Corr -X

Corrosion is a temporary status effect which gives a stackable -4 to slaying and AC (the number represented by X indicates how much these have been reduced) for as long as it lasts. Corrosion will be repaired after enough turns have passed. Corroded monsters simply get a temporary -8 to their AC.


Monsters may become dazed after you recite the word of Zin at them, causing them to waste their turns as they recover their senses.

Doom Howl


A doom hound's howl has called nightmarish creatures to hunt you. Dangerous enemies will spawn near you every few turns until the howl fades.


Drain Drain Drain Drain

Negative energy has withered you, reducing all of your effective skill levels, with darker colours indicating worse effects. Gaining XP gradually restores your drained skills. Monsters who get drained have their HD lowered instead, reducing their strength and magic resistance.



You're being engulfed by a water elemental and can't breathe. You'll take ongoing asphyxiation damage and are functionally silenced until you pull free.


You're being engulfed, but you don't need to breathe, so it has no effect.



You are both magically slowed and hastened, and thus act at normal speed.



Characters suffering from fear are unable to move toward the source of their terror (they can still attack it, but may flinch away if attacking in melee) and are unable to go berserk. Monsters suffering from fear will flee from you until they hit a dead end, until you attack them, or until enough time passes.

Fire Vulnerable


You're down one rank of fire resistance. Watch out for sources of fire damage!



You're suffering from the illusory wounds of a flayed ghost. You'll still die if you hit 0 HP, but you can kill the ghost or escape from its line of sight for a while to get your HP back.



Frozen characters are partially encased in ice, increasing their movement delay by 4 auts for the duration of the effect.



Similar to constriction, being held prevents creatures from moving but doesn't do any damage. Attempt to move or blink to break free.


Creatures stuck in a web or a throwing net can't move or attack and are vulnerable to stabbing. They may still use blowguns or cast spells.


Horr-X Horr-X

Followers of Ru who have sacrificed their courage gain penalties to accuracy, damage, and spellpower when in the presence of dangerous foes.

Hungry/Very Hungry/Near Starving

Hungry Very Hungry Near Starving

You're hungry! Find something to eat before you start starving!

Thirsty Very Thirsty Near Bloodless

Vampires instead start exhibiting their true nature; you heal slower, but begin gaining your undead resistances.

Inner Flame

Casting Inner Flame on an enemy will cause it to explode violently upon death.



You're flying over lava. Try not to fall in.

Leda's Liquefaction


Creatures stuck in the liquid ground from Leda's Liquefaction move slowly and have difficulty attacking in melee.

Magic Contamination

Contam Contam Contam Contam Contam

Using certain beneficial status effects, miscasting spells, standing in mutagenic fog, or stepping in Zot traps can induce magic contamination. While a low (dark or light grey) dose of this is harmless, higher amounts make you glow and can inflict dangerous miscast effects and bad mutations on you. See the magic contamination page for more details.



All conscious monsters on the floor know your location and have an easier time getting to you until the mark wears off. This can be very dangerous on unexplored floors or floors with powerful bosses. You can get this effect from alarm traps and vault sentinels.



When mesmerised, you will be unable to move away from the source of your mesmerisation until you've killed it or broken the effect some other way.

No Potions


Followers of Ru who have sacrificed their ability to drink potions while threatened cannot use potions for several turns after taking heavy damage or being hurt while at low HP. This effect is also a possible result of being hit by a pie from a Killer Klown, and is also gained from casting Ozocubu's Refrigeration for a short duration.

No Scrolls


Followers of Ru who have sacrificed their ability to read scrolls while threatened cannot use scrolls for several turns after taking heavy damage or being hurt while at low HP.



You're in the Realm of Zot or perhaps even carrying the Orb of Zot itself. Your teleports are delayed, you cannot control your blinks, and Passage of Golubria will not function.



Anything suffering from paralysis will be unable to act for several turns, loses almost all ability to dodge attacks, and is vulnerable to stabbing.


Petr Stone

Petrification is a two-stage status effect. While petrifying, the victim is slowed. Once fully petrified, the target is rendered incapable of acting or dodging attacks, gains large bonuses to AC and GDR, stops flying, and becomes vulnerable to Lee's Rapid Deconstruction and stabbing for several turns.


Pois Pois Pois

Poison causes you to take damage as time progresses. The darker the colour, the more rapidly you'll take damage and the more you'll take overall.


Characters who enter Lich Form, Statue Form, or vampires who become bloodless while poisoned will delay the progress of the poison until the transformation ends.

Sapped Magic


You've had your magic disrupted by a warmonger; each time you try casting a spell, there's a chance your spell failure rate will increase.

-Wiz -Wiz -Wiz

Your spells have grown harder to cast.


Sick Sick Sick

Sickness causes you to stop regenerating HP and may occasionally inflict stat damage on you. Increasing your regeneration rate makes the status wear off sooner; alternatively, just quaff a potion of curing.



Being under an enemy's silence aura renders you unable to cast spells, read scrolls, or use divine abilities.


Sleeping creatures are unable to act, are almost incapable of dodging attacks, and are vulnerable to stabbing. However, they will eventually wake up on their own, and may wake up early if they hear loud noises or get injured. Having high stealth makes you less likely to wake up sleeping monsters.



Slow creatures take 150% as long as normal to perform actions.



Your Swiftness wore off, and now you have to spend several turns moving slower than normal.



You're starving to death! You're too hungry to cast spells and use most abilities, and your attacks are less accurate and deal less damage. Eat some food NOW!


You're so hungry you might pass out from hunger or die! Eat some food NOW NOW NOW!


Vampires get the "bloodless" status instead. You don't regenerate at all, but you get the full set of undead resistances.

Stat Zero

Collapse Clumsy Brainless

At least one of your stats has hit zero or less. This immediately causes 2-5 turns of paralysis and inflicts you with an array of debilitating effects dependent on the stat involved. Try to get it above zero as soon as possible!

Sticky Flame


Casting Sticky Flame will cover the target in napalm, causing them to take fire damage each turn and making them glow. Standing in shallow water can put the flames out.

Teleport Prevention


Certain monsters can cast Dimension Anchor, which will prevent you from blinking or teleporting for a few turns. Rare artefact weapons may confer this status. This can also occur from high level Translocation miscasts.


Profane servitors and followers of Dithmenos emit an umbra which increases stealth and reduces the accuracy of all attacks except from demons, undead, and followers of Dithmenos or Yredelemnul.



Reading a scroll of vulnerability will reduce the magic resistance of everything in your line of sight (including you) by half. Phantasmal warriors can attack to make their targets vulnerable.


Water Water

You're either standing in or flying over shallow water or deep water.



Physical weakness reduces the damage of your melee attacks by 25% (or 33% for monsters).


  • Prior to 0.20, casting Delayed Fireball gave you the Delayed Fireball status.
  • Prior to 0.19, there was a Telepathy status, granted by the Dowsing card, and a Stealthy status, bestowed by a high-level Shadow card. Followers of Jiyva could gain the Pray status to stop their jellies from consuming items.
  • In 0.18, a s(T)atus effect lookup has been added to ?/. Prior to 0.18, there were also Stoneskin, Condensation Shield, and Phase Shift.
  • Prior to 0.17, the teleport control status existed, conferred through either a spell or a ring. There were also areas which would prevent controlled teleports. In addition, there was a Sure Blade status, granted by the Sure Blade spell, and Bleeding, an HP-sapping status inflicted by attacking with claws.
  • Corrosion was added in 0.15.
  • Prior to 0.12, there was a Rot status, which inflicted an ongoing reduction to maximum HP.