Sticky Flame

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Sticky flame.png Sticky Flame
Level 4
School1 Conjuration
School2 Fire
Casting noise 4
Spell noise 1
This spell conjures a sticky glob of liquid fire, which will adhere to and burn any creature it strikes.
Spell Details
Damage Formula 2d(1.5+Power/24) fire
Max Damage 2d(5.67)
Max Power 100
Range 1
Targeting Touch
Special Never misses, the target is covered in sticky flames that inflict 2d4-1 fire damage every 10 auts

Sticky Flame is a level 4 Conjurations/Fire Magic spell which burns a target for decent damage over several rounds. Even at moderate power, it can take down such dangerous creatures as hydras or death yaks. Unfortunately, its max range cannot exceed 1, even if you worship Vehumet.

The duration of the effect is approximately 4 or 5 turns per every level of the enchantment. The level (or degree) of this enchantment is a value that depends on the hit dice of the victim, but never a value greater than 4. At maximum duration, the average amount of damage done is approximately:

(Damage per turn) * (Turns per level) * (Levels) = 
= 4 * 4.5 * 4 = 72

Player Ability

Mottled draconian players can generate Sticky Flame as a breath ability. Unlike the spell, this breath weapon can splash to adjacent monsters.

Monster Version

The monster version of Sticky Flame differs in that it has significant range. It can destroy your scrolls every turn that it's active, so beware.

The following monsters can cast Sticky Flame:

The following monster use Sticky Flame as a monster ability:

Flaming corpses have a melee attack that has the same effect.

Tips & Tricks

  • This is a great spell if you don't mind being up close and personal. Fragile spell-casters should plan to confuse or incapacitate the victim before venturing into melee range against monsters that can generate a one-shot kill.
  • Hitting invisible monsters with this spell (using Z) will cause them to be revealed for its duration. This is a useful strategy for dealing with unseen horrors and flickering sky beasts.
  • If you've been hit with Sticky Flame, entering water will put out the flame. This works for monsters, too. Using Sticky Flame on a big fish just does initial damage.
  • Lanolin is very flammable, so sheep are especially susceptible to Sticky Flame.


Some monsters are intrinsically resistant to sticky flame. The flame will not "stick" to them, although they will take a small amount of fire damage on the first turn. Insubstantial monsters are also resistant to sticky flame. Players can gain sticky flame resistance by wearing mottled dragon armour, or by being a mottled draconian.