Sublimation of Blood

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Version 0.10: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Sublimation of blood.png Sublimation of Blood
Level 2
School1 Necromancy
Casting noise 2
Spell noise 0
This spell converts flesh, blood and other bodily fluids into magical energy. Casters may focus this spell on their own bodies (which can be dangerous but never directly lethal) or can wield freshly butchered flesh in order to draw power into themselves.

Sublimation of Blood is a level 2 Necromancy spell which converts wielded chunks of flesh or potions of blood into MP. Should you cast the spell without flesh or blood wielded (normally an emergency move or a mistaken cast), you convert your own HP into MP. Doing this inflicts irresistible damage to you, but can never kill you. Any type of chunk or any potion of blood, regardless of freshness, is acceptable.

The spell always returns at least 5 MP, with a random bonus of 1d(2 + spell power/15) - 1. At maximum power, this can be as much as 20 MP.

Useful Info

  • Casting the spell without wielding a fuel source will fail if you are unable to bleed. This applies to undead species (mummies, ghouls, and vampires at less than Full satiation), casters who are bodily transformed into a form that cannot bleed (e.g. Statue Form, Ice Form, Necromutation), or casters who are immune to damage via Death's Door.
  • Sublimation of Blood has great synergy with Regeneration: draw energy from your own body with Sublimation of Blood to regain some MP, then cast Regeneration to regain the lost health at an accelerated pace.
  • Animate Skeleton is also a useful spell to have in your repertoire. This effectively allows you to butcher corpses in one turn instead of several turns when butchering manually.
  • This spell is a good reason to keep inedible chunks which would otherwise be tossed. It saves turns and minimizes your hunger, since you don't need to pause as much between battles. If your hunger rate is an issue, use this rather than Sif Muna's Channel Energy or the staff of Channeling.
  • If you're in the heat of battle and intend to use this spell as an emergency MP source, don't let your MP reach 0; you need at least 2 MP to perform the first, hopefully successful, Sublimation spell.