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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

Summon elemental.png Summon Elemental
Level 4
School1 Summoning
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 0
This spell calls forth a spirit from the elemental planes to aid the caster. A large quantity of the desired element must be available; this is rarely a problem for earth and air, but may be for fire and water. The elemental will usually be friendly to casters - especially those skilled in the appropriate form of elemental magic.
You can sustain at most three creatures summoned by this spell.

Summon Elemental is a level 4 Summonings spell which summons an elemental of either fire, water, air, or earth into existence. The type of elemental summoned varies based upon the contents of the tile you attempt to summon it from. While only the Summonings and Spellcasting skills are necessary to cast the spell, the friendliness of the summoned elemental is based entirely upon your skill in the associated elemental magic school:

Fire elemental: Summoned from lava or flame clouds
Fire Magic × 10% friendliness rate
Fast fire damage strikers that leave a trail of flames

Water elemental: Summoned from shallow water or deep water
Ice Magic × 10% friendliness rate
Decent minions that can silence casters

Air elemental: Summoned from an empty tile
Air Magic × 6.66% friendliness rate
Fast, nimble physical damage attackers

Earth elemental: Summoned from rock walls
Earth Magic × 10% friendliness rate
Slow brutes that deal massive physical damage

Maximum Friendliness Rate: 98%

Iron elementals cannot be summoned, except by the Iron Giant.


  • One convenient aspect of some elementals is that they are immune to the kind of damage you are most likely going to be slinging around the battlefield. Air elementals have complete immunity to all Air Magic. Fire elementals are mostly immune (though Bolt of Magma or Fire Storm will make short work of them). Earth and water elementals have no immunity to their school's magic, so try not to hit them with friendly fire. However, all elementals are immune to poison, so if you're willing to use Poison Magic, Poisonous Cloud pairs up well with elemental summoning.
  • Certain evocable items can be used to imitate this spell for a single element: the lamp of fire, the phial of floods, the stone of tremors, and the fan of gales.
  • Summoning an Earth elemental removes the square of rock wall that was used to create it. It can thus be used as a 1-square-at-a-time Dig.


Summon Elemental was removed in 0.15

Prior to 0.11, Merfolks had lower chances of summoning unfriendly Water elementals.