Summon Small Mammal

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Version 0.23: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Summon small mammal.png Summon Small Mammal
Level 1
School1 Summoning
Source(s) Book of Callings
Book of Cantrips
Casting noise 1
Spell noise 0
Power Cap 25
Summons Limit 4
Summons a small mammal to the caster's aid.

Summon Small Mammal is a Summoning spell which summons one weak monster. Summoners start with this spell memorized.


One small mammal is summoned. Higher spell power can result in a stronger mammal.

Possible summons:

r Rat.png Rat - Low damage and fragile with no redeeming features.
b Bat.png Bat - Extremely fast and evasive but does virtually no damage.
r Quokka.png Quokka - Decent damage and HP. Good all-round.

There is 1 - 10 / <power> chance of a quokka. If quokka was not summoned, there is an equal chance for either a rat or a bat.[1]

Duration of the summon is around 27 turns; it does not depend on the spell power.


  • Summon Small Mammal is only a level 1 spell, but it stays useful for a short while in the early-game. Packs of mammals can quite handily defeat most normal threats in the dungeon up until the Ecumenical Temple. Even after the spell loses its killing power, it is still a cheap and useful alternative to Summon Butterflies for escape if you haven't found that yet.

Monster Version

Single cast will summon 1 to 3 creatures, with duration of around 81 turns. Each summoned creature has 33% chance of being a bat, otherwise it will be either a rat, a river rat or a quokka with equal chances.[2]

The following enemies cast Summon Small Mammal:


Prior to 0.14, this spell could also summon grey rats, and had a summon cap of three.

Prior to 0.13, this spell could summon multiple creatures, and was known as 'Summon Small Mammals'.

Prior to 0.12, a more powerful version of the spell known as Vampire Summon was used by vampires, vampire knights, and deep elf summoners. It summoned 3-5 mammals (with orange rats in place of quokkas).

Prior to to 0.4.3, this spell was affectionately called 'Spammals' for its easy ability to flood your surroundings with allied monsters. The spell was nerfed somewhat for balance reasons. In 0.6, it was nerfed again, limiting the effect to at most two summoned creatures, and green rats and orange rats were removed from the spell's possible results.