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+20 MR<br>
+20 MR<br>
Forces Berserk<br>
Forces Berserk<br>
Berserks all friendly monsters in LoS, when you go berserk<br>
-50 Stealth
-50 Stealth

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A long sword made of one huge piece of crystal. Legend says it was the Shining One's gift to a worshipper. This blade is notorious for inducing bloodthirsty rage in both the wielder and all of his or her mortal followers.

Zealot's sword.png the +12,+10 sword of Jihad

+12, +10 eudemon blade

Holy wrath brand
+3 EV
+20 MR
Forces Berserk
Berserks all friendly monsters in LoS, when you go berserk
-50 Stealth


Sword of Jihad can be very useful if you can nerf the berserkitis. Clarity is the best means of doing so, either through the amulet or through being an Ashenzari worshiper. Given all the other useful intrinsics it provides, this weapon may even be worth using for a character who has to nerf the berserkitis via an amulet of clarity: just switch to conservation or resist mutation as needed, and keep a backup weapon just in case.