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#REDIRECT[[Zealot's sword]]
{{flavour|A long sword made of one huge piece of crystal. Legend says it was the Shining One's gift to a worshipper. This blade is notorious for inducing bloodthirsty rage in both the wielder and all of his or her mortal followers.}}
[[File:Sword_of_jihad.png]] '''''the +12,+10 sword of Jihad'''''
+12, +10 [[eudemon blade]]
[[Holy wrath]] brand<br>
+3 EV<br>
+20 MR<br>
Forces Berserk<br>
-50 Stealth
'''Sword of Jihad''' can be very useful if you can nerf the [[berserkitis]]. Clarity is the best means of doing so, either through the amulet or through being an [[Ashenzari]] worshiper. Given all the other useful intrinsics it provides, this weapon may even be worth using for a character who has to nerf the berserkitis via an [[amulet of clarity]]: just switch to [[conservation]] or [[resist mutation]] as needed, and keep a backup weapon just in case.
[[Category:Long blades]]

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