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(Remove weight - it's obsolete since 0.15)
(The item inspection screen does in fact display a missile's damage now (at least, if it's a throwing missile))
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  <nowiki>|launcher2 = / [[sling]] </nowiki>
  <nowiki>|launcher2 = / [[sling]] </nowiki>
  <nowiki>|launcher3 = / [[greatsling]] </nowiki>
  <nowiki>|launcher3 = / [[greatsling]] </nowiki>
Unfortunately, the item inspection screen does not display the base damage for missiles; this information may be found in [https://gitorious.org/crawl/crawl/source/crawl-ref/source/itemprop.cc itemprop.cc]; it is the third entry in each row of Missile_prop.

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Name {{{name}}}
Launcher [[{{{launcher}}}]]
Base damage {{{damage}}}

Put this template at the top of every missile page. Call it like this:

 |name        = 
 |launcher    = 
 |launcher2   = optional; see below
 |launcher3   = optional; see below
 |damage      = 

Use the name of the weapon, not the name of the skill, as the launcher (e.g. Bow, not Bows). The exception is for thrown missiles, which should have "throwing" (so the link works). For missiles with multiple launchers (stones with throwing and sling; and arrows with bow and longbow), specify the second or third launcher with launcher2 and launcher3. Note that launcher2 and launcher3 are included immediately after launcher (separated by a space), and that they are not linked automatically the way launcher is. Therefore you probably want something like:

|launcher  = throwing 
|launcher2 = / [[sling]] 
|launcher3 = / [[greatsling]]