Tin of tremorstones

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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
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Type Miscellaneous item
Name tin of tremorstones
Icon Tin of tremorstones.png
A set of dormant, magnetic earth elementals in the form of tiny, very heavy pebbles. When released, the elementals are drawn magnetically to the center of nearby monsters, where they literally explode with rage at their rest being disturbed. Tremorstones usually land slightly off-target, and the user is always at risk of being hit. However, armour is extremely effective at repelling the lightweight fragments of rock from a tremorstone's explosion, so a well-armoured wielder has little to fear. Evocations skill increases the number and power of the elementals' explosions.

Once activated, this device and all other devices of its kind will be rendered temporarily inert. However, they will recharge as you gain experience.

A tin of tremorstones is an evocable item that generates several explosions of shrapnel. These are aimed in the general direction of nearby enemies, but there is always a risk of getting caught in the explosions yourself.

Similar to Lee's Rapid Deconstruction, the damage from a tin of tremorstones is greatly reduced by AC -- heavily armored users may use it with virtual impunity, but it will be of little use against armored foes.

A tin of tremorstones holds up to two charges, which are gradually replenished as you gain experience.


  • Prior to 0.26, tins of tremorstones came with three charges instead of two.
  • Tins of tremorstones were introduced in 0.25. They were introduced to replace the cone-targeted wand of scattershot.
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