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Version 0.15: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Tomahawk
Launcher Throwing
Base damage 6
An axe-like item designed for throwing. While some larger tomahawk types would be fit for melee, this one sacrifices melee ability to make it smaller, handier and to optimize its ballistic properties.

Tomahawks are a form of Throwing weapon, directly between stones and javelins in terms of power.

Tomahawks can have the following brands:

Common Magical Silver Steel
Tomahawk1.png Tomahawk2.png Silver tomahawk.png Steel tomahawk.png


Tomahawks were added in 0.14, compensating for the fact that smaller melee weapons (such as hand axes and spears) are no longer throwable. Smaller species whose backgrounds would normally start with javelins (such as Hunters) instead have the option of starting with tomahawks.

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