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Trunk-only: This article pertains to a feature of Crawl which is being tested. It will likely change before the next release, and may even be removed entirely.

Between stable releases, the bulk of Crawl development occurs in trunk. These publicly available trunk builds allow users to preview and playtest new features, balance changes, and bug fixes, but the experimental code changes may also produce bugs (which may be severe). Unlike more experimental code branches, most of the changes that meet with developer and player approval are likely to make their way into the next stable release.

Players can follow changes via:

Discuss and debate future development:

Access trunk versions:

Stone Soup 0.20 (up to 0.20-a0-770-g8c33442)


Branches, Environment

  • The Slime treasure vault's walls are breached on their master's death.
  • Web traps created in play (by e.g. jumping spiders) are destroyed on


  • New species: Barachim, with an powerful innate Hop ability and good
 aptitudes balanced by slow movement and an increased base LOS radius.
  • Ogre aptitudes have been adjusted, trading M&F skill for spells.
  • Mummies' spellcasting aptitude has been increased to +2, from -1.
  • Deep dwarves have an innate ability that heals them and has a chance of
 permanently reducing their MP. Their old recharge ability has been removed.
  • Loud noises no longer break mesmerization or fear.
  • Various 'badform' (e.g. wispform) special cases have been removed.
  • Removed:
 - High elves.
 - Mottled draconians.


  • New temple god: the Wu Jian Council.
 - Grants free 'martial' attacks from certain movement actions:
   * 1*: Moving between tiles adjacent to a monster triggers 'Whirlwind'.
     Attacks all adjacent foes, and inflicts Slow.
   * 2*: Moving against solid obstacles triggers Wall Jump. Moves two tiles in
     the opposite direction, and attacks and distracts all adjacent enemies.
   * 3*: Moving toward an enemy triggers 'Lunge'. Attacks the enemy, and does
     extra damage to slowed or distracted enemies.
 - 4*: Active 'Serpent's Lash' abilitiy, granting two free movement actions.
 - 5*: Active 'Heaven on Earth' ability, creating opaque clouds and increasing
   your martial prowess while you continue to use 'martial' attacks.
 - Piety is gained through defeating foes.
  • The Shining One:
 - Cleansing Flame is more effective against non-evil enemies.
 - All bonus-damage 'stab' attacks are prevented.
 - Poison is no longer forbidden.
  • Minor Elyvilon wrath effects removed; enemy lifesaving strengthened.
  • Nemelex's wrath reclaims all decks, rather than sabotaging them.


  • Noise from the last turn is displayed in the top-right, replacing gold.
  • Monsters' melee attacks are now included in their descriptions.
  • The player's odds of succeeding with melee confusion attacks is displayed.
  • auto_butcher can be configured to trigger on different hunger levels.


  • New item type: scarves, occupying the cloak slot.
 - Scarves give 0 AC and cannot be enchanted, but always have an ego.
 - Scarf egos: rC+, Spirit Shield, Resistance, rMsl.
  • Evocations:
 - New wand types: Clouds and Scattershot.
 - New misc item: the Lightning Rod, a 4-charge XP evocable.
 - Wands scale better with Evocations.
 - Wands can no longer be zapped while confused.
 - Wands of disintegration no longer destroy terrain.
 - Wands of digging can now destroy statues.
 - Wand and miscellaneous acquirement merged into 'evocations'.
  • Unrandarts:
 - New unrand: Maxwell's Thermic Engine, a freezing/flaming double sword that
   increases in power with each swing taken.
 - The Ratskin Cloak's stats have been tweaked, and it can now summon rats.
 - Amulet of Bloodlust: Slay+6 (was +3), MR++ (was MR+).
 - Shield of Ignorance: Now +10 {Int-4, rN+}. *Curse, AC+4 removed.
 - Sword of Jihad: renamed to Zealot's Sword.
 - Sceptre of Torment only torments on-hit, rather than randomly.
  • Potions of cure mutation, beneficial mutation, and mutation have been merged.
  • All types of food take one turn to eat.
  • Removed:
 - Wands of heal wounds, haste, teleportation, and slowing.
 - Rods.
 - Discs of Storms.
 - The Hat of the High Council, the Scimitar of Flaming Death, and the Dagger
   of Chilly Death.
 - Beef jerky and pizza.


  • Draconian callers -> stormcallers, which Smite, Summon Drakes, and Upheaval.
  • Mottled dragons -> acid dragons.
  • Two-headed ogres are significantly stronger.
  • The 'draining' effect once again lowers monsters' MR.
  • Various unique monsters give better rewards for defeating them.
  • Removed:
 - Mottled draconians.
 - Draconian zealots.
 - Hill giants.


  • New spell: Poisonous Vapours (L2 Poison/Air); creates an extremely short-
 duration poison cloud on a targeted creature. Appears in the VM book.
  • New spell: Ignition (L8 Fire). Drops a Fireball on every monster in line of
 sight. The caster and their allies are unaffected.
  • Gell's Gravitas is now Translocations only (was Tloc/Hex).
  • Portal Projectile is now Tloc/Hex (was Translocations only).
  • Swapped Portal Projectile and Gell's Gravitas in the Wr/AM starting books.
  • Book of Conjurations: Battlesphere replaced with Force Lance.
  • Book of Air: Repel Missiles replaced with Airstrike.
  • Confusing Touch is less effective, especially against high-HD enemies.
  • Sandblast consumes stones directly from inventory, but no longer functions
 without ammo, and cannot consume large rocks.
  • Removed:
   - Delayed Fireball.
   - Poisonous Cloud
   - Repel Missiles.