Ugly thing

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ugly thing uUgly thing.png
HP 29 - 56
HD 8
XP 340
Speed 11 (act: 110%)
AC 3
EV 10
MR 32
Attack1 12 (Random type: Color-dependent effect)

Type of Meat Mutagenic
Resistances Varies
Vulnerabilities Silver
Habitat amphibious land
Intelligence Animal
Uses Open doors
Holiness Natural
Size Medium
Type ugly thing, ugly thing
Flags Warm-blooded
An ugly thing. According to legend, this mutated creature is the otherworldly spawn of a wizard's breeding experiment. Yuck.

Useful Info

Ugly things are strangely-shaped, nauseating monsters that often appear in groups. They are found mid-game in the Dungeon and in some branches, particularly the Vaults. They come in a rainbow of colours, each of which has its own elemental attributes. Their attack types also vary: some ugly things bite, some headbutt, and others still will slap you with tentacles.

Ugly Thing Varieties

  • u Red: Fire
  • u White: Cold
  • u Cyan: Electric
  • u Brown: Acid
  • u Green: Poison
  • u Purple: Sickness

Ugly things may change color when adjacent to other ugly things or a glowing character.

Tips & Tricks

  • Packs of ugly things will spontaneously change their damage and resistance types mid-fight. If you rely on elemental damage, keep track of what you're up against before attacking.
  • Ugly thing corpses are mutagenic. If you happen to know the Fulsome Distillation spell you can make lots of potions of mutation from their abundant corpses. These potions are a decent alternative cure in case you run out of potions of cure mutation, or want to randomly mutate yourself until you get a good set.