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DDEE Makhleb (when he still gifted Mana) 15 runes and a full Ziggurat Worldshattering!!

VSMo Ashenzari 15 runes Kinda hard to play, kinda easy to play

DSAr Dithmenos 15 runes Be creative, be bold

DDEE Makhleb 15 runes Notably harder, still shattering though.

DENe Kikubaaqudgha 5 runes Haunt, Haste, Servitor and Airstrikes

MiFi Okawaru 4 runes Just avoid berserk Orb Guardians.

MiFi Cheibriados 4 runes Just walk by stuff, let counterattack do the rest.

DeFe Vehumet 4 runes Let it all end in Firestorms!

DrTr Sif Muna 3 runes The teleporting, hasted Dragon awakes!

KoBe Trog 3 runes Even if it takes 100 attacks, the sabre of antimagic is mightier than the orb of fire!


Fedhas Madash (Zot:1)

Yredelemnul (Depths)

Zin (Depths)

TSO (Orb touched)

Nemelex Xobeh (Zot:1)

No God Eliyvion Beogh Lugono

Stuff I`wanna do (given time):

Character Guides for some of my favorite builds

The guide on vampiric enchanting The guide on dwarven destruction The guide on orcish order

Why can't the Undead worship Fedhas Madash? Well they can, but think about what will happen when they pray the first time..

"Why would you want to do that?"