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This page is a Diary of a Crawler, the journal of an individual character. This page probably contains spoilers.

Blast it! By Lehudib's great power, that accursed kobold has made off with my journal!

I am Egoor the gargoyle. I have had training in the shaping of stone with my mind. I am in these vast dungeons in search of the Orb of Zot. I have with me:

One enchanted whip, which I know to occasionally release a great shock upon the monsters I strike with it. Thankfully, I am immune to electricity, so I need not take special care when handling it. I am not skilled with whips, but my kind often uses such bludgeoning weapons, and is quite good with them. I will develop my skill with it as I use it.

One blowgun, used to fire poisoned needles. I am not bad with it, unskilled though I am. I am capable of producing a "breath" by quickly closing my mouth.

Many hundreds of stones, which I have stuck to myself with gargoyle stonemagiks. I can use them to aid my earth magiks, or to throw at far-away enemies.

Two throwing nets, plundered from the corpses of some gnolls. I can use them to hinder a difficult enemy as I flee.

Some thirty poisoned needles, and several curare-tipped needles, for killing difficult enemies from afar. My magiks are weighty, and cannot travel as far as light needles can.

A light robe, which does not hinder me in my stealth or spellcasting.

A helmet, to protect my head even more than the stony flesh surrounding it.

A buckler, which I am considering using, though it does prevent me from easily casting my higher-level magiks.

An amulet of magic regeneration, which I use to quickly recover my small reserves of magik from the earth itself after my battles.

A ring of stealth, which, when combined with my innate resemblance to a statue, allows me to avoid the detection of those I would rather avoid.

A ring of dexterity, which allows me to overcome my natural lack of nimbleness, in order to evade others' attacks rather than putting on heavy armour and withstanding them.

A few scrolls of remove curse, of obvious use, and a scroll of teleportation, ditto.

A potion of heal wounds, and a potion of curing, of obvious use.

A potion of mutation, which I am considering drinking, but I am inclined to avoid attaining harmful mutations which may hinder my quest.

Two unknown potions, one with purple fumes and one with cyan bubbles, which I am keeping in order to identify, but not drinking, in case they be harmful in some way.

A book of Geomancy, which I have brought with me into the Dungeon, which contains many useful Earth magiks.

A book of Maledictions, which I found on the Dungeon floor, which contains some hindering Magiks which I may later learn.

Several pieces of prepared food, brought with me on my quest, and the cut-up corpses of my edible foes, which I cannot convince myself to eat until my stomach loudly complains.

The Fourth Level of the Dungeon of Zot

I descend the stairs, and enter some form of ruined castle. It is inhabited by kobolds, which beat at me with primitive wooden clubs. I kill them all with blasts of sand.

Seeing an exit from the castle, I cross a stone bridge over a muddy moat, which appears to be draining into some form of sewers. I will attempt to find the entrance, which may contain items washed from the moat. I see a scorpion, which attempts to poison me, but (of course) fails. I kill it with arrows of stone, flung from the magiks and the rocks at my side.

I then enter a large stone room, and for many minutes, engage in a furious battle with necromantic abominations, swarms of kobolds, and packs of gnolls. I win the war of attrition with blasts of sand and stone arrows, falling back onto my enchanted whip of electricity when my magiks run out.

Then in my search for the sewers, I am interrupted by a hobgoblin in a horned helmet. She is shouting at me. She is throwing goblins at me. I cannot retreat. I use my whip and my stonemagiks and kill them all, but the sewers have fallen apart. I know this because I see the drain all rusted to pieces. A cave-in has made it impossible to enter.

I then find a candlelit stairway, which I enter. It contains several altars. I find my way to the Altar of Vehumet, ablaze in the Lights of Iskenderun. I pray before the radiant altar, and find a bravely wild, violent spirit beside my thoughts, promising me great destructive powers if I search for the Orb in its name. I agree, and feel that I have apprenticed myself to the most powerful sorcerer in all of existence. I leave the temple and return to the Fourth Level of the Dungeon of Zot, finding gloves and boots to further protect my body.

The Fifth Level of the Dungeon of Zot

Having cleared the fourth level, I move onto the fifth. I buy a fine-looking robe, but when I put it on, something interferes with my magiks. I hurriedly rip it off and leave it on the floor, for what am I without my magiks?

I explore further, finding vile undead. I identify them as "wights," and fearing their life-draining attacks, lure them one-by-one upstairs and kill them quietly.

The Sixth Level of the Dungeon of Zot

I find a transparent, glowing phantom, which constantly translocates away from me. I kill it with some difficulty, though with my sturdy stone body, I was never in danger from the ephemeral figure.

A fiery imp blinks into view, and acts just like the phantom, except that one stone arrow can kill it.

I have the oddest feeling, then I remember that Vehumet is with me. The spirit sends a wordless message: my devotion has not gone unnoticed. In return, Vehumet is providing two important services: after I kill enemies, Vehumet will return to me some of the magical power bound up in the monster when it was alive; and as a Scholar of Destruction and Might, I may learn spells, not from a book, but directly from the Lights of Iskenderun. Vehumet sends to me the spell of Flame Tongue. I receive it, and discover that I am not half bad at fiery magiks.

Then, around the next corner, the infamous Sigmund appears! Dreadful his scythe, terrible his magiks! I run up a nearby escape hatch, but he follows! I fearfully use my magiks to blast a nearby wall into smithereens (in hopes to escape). The shards hit Sigmund, and he is injured! Encouraged, I cast the magiks more powerfully, and he shouts as many shards of stone hit his body. Lashing out with his scythe but doing my resilient body no damage, he falls to the ground, his hand moving for the last time. The Lights of Iskenderun inform me that they are proud of my ingenuity and prowess with destruction.

I continue to explore the level, slaying many orcs with explosions and arrows of stone. I find a runed door behind many maces, and find behind it a withered old gnoll with a shimmering quarterstaff. As he walks next to a wall of him house to surely slay me with his dangerous staff, I blow everything up. He is now dead, and his maces looted.

The Seventh Level of the Dungeon of Zot

Many orcs reside here, and I demolish the dungeon to slay them. Twin elves appear, and I demolish the walls to slay them. Vehumet offers me more fiery magiks, which I accept.

The Eighth Level of the Dungeon of Zot

Much like before, though the orcs give way to gnolls and hill giants. Explosions kill them all. Vehumet chuckles as it tells me a funny pun: I am now a "Trauma-turge." Do you understand the joke? I am a thaumaturge that excels in dealing trauma. Vehumet is not just a good comedian. Vehumet is now aiding me in casting my powerful conjurations magiks. This makes it easier to cast them.

The Ninth Level of the Dungeon of Zot

More of the same, except now there are trolls. They hit hard, but I can kill them with explosions before they ever hit me.

Now I find a necromancer. He harms me with bolts of cold. I heal my wounds with a potion, and zap him until he is dead.

Then I find his simulacra, locked in a room. I gleefully explode the central one, and see the rest of them explode in turn. Vehumet appreciates the thoughtful slaughter.