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Wands of scattershot were added in [[0.20]], replacing [[iron rod]]s.
* Wands of scattershot will be removed in [[0.25]].
* Wands of scattershot were added in [[0.20]], replacing [[iron rod]]s.
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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Wand
Name Wand of scattershot
Icon Wand of scattershot.png
A magical device which fires powerful blasts of metallic shrapnel. Its damage is strongly reduced by armour.

A wand of scattershot fires a volley of metal fragments in a range 5 cone. The damage for each projectile is 9d1 to 9d5 and the number of projectiles ranges from 4 to 14; damage and quantity of projectiles improve with evocations skill.


  • Most of the fragments will hit the targeted space, but there is a certain amount of spread which increases as you train evocations. If you're trying to primarily target a single creature, fire at them when they're closer (preferably melee range) to improve your odds of hitting them.
  • Because damage reduction from AC is calculated for each projectile separately, wands of scattershot work best against creatures with low AC and are generally ineffective against high-AC targets. Good targets include ogres, jellies, or hydras. If you're fighting anything wearing armour, you may wish to use a different wand.


  • Wands of scattershot will be removed in 0.25.
  • Wands of scattershot were added in 0.20, replacing iron rods.
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