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This is a list of Crawl-related websites.

Official (Stone Soup)

  • Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup - Official homepage, home of the latest Stone Soup development news, development wiki and bug tracker
  • Tavern - Older forum, sign-ups restricted

Official (Pre-Stone-Soup)

  • crawl-dev - Yahoo! Group that was used as developers' forum, up to and including downloads of the 4.1 alpha [Depreciated]
  • Darshan's Crawl Page - (Former) Home of the travel patch, which later became one of the foundations of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup


  • Henzell's LearnDB - Extensive information on almost everything, albeit in a poor format

Outdated Spoilers

  • ledtim's Crawl calculator - Calculates spell power, damage from racial abilities, spell hunger, healing pacification, god abilities, wands, cards, and rods; also has an enchantment probability calculator; and probability for some HitDice-based resistances. Instructions: Red borders/letters are where you input stuff, and green border/letters are where relevant outputs are. (DCSS 0.9.2)


  • #crawl - LiberaChat IRC channel. Replaces the old Freenode irc channel

Let's Play


  • Crawl docs - online versions of all documents distributed with Crawl
  • NethackWiki entry - NetHack wiki article on Dungeon Crawl, including a comparison with NetHack
  • RogueBasin - Roguelike development wiki article, including a comparison with other roguelikes
  • Wikipedia entry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, on Linley's Dungeon Crawl
  • - detailed installation and compile instruction for Ubuntu Linux (in German language)
  • Cherrypicked bad_ideas - A condensed version of the infamous bad_ideas learndb entry from the ##crawl IRC channel.


  • Variants - List of variants for Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
  • crawlvariations - Home of Zot Defense and Dungeon Sprint, now integrated into Stone Soup
  • hexcrawl - A Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup variant with a hexagonal grid
  • Ax-Crawl - A variant of Linley's Dungeon Crawl
  • Wii port - Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup for the Nintendo Wii
  • DSCrawl - Dungeon Crawl for the Nintendo DS


  • Captain Pork - Some of Linley Henzell's other games [archive]
  • Ascii Dreams - Unangband development blog, including polls for the roguelike of the year which Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup managed to win in 2008
  • AnyDice - Online calculator for various dice rolls