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Stone Soup 0.10.3 Released 14-06-2012


  • Crash fixes.
  • rPois- doesn't grant rPois+ for potions of poison.
  • Clean chunks are no longer better than permafood when nauseated.
  • The Flight spell is no longer cancellable (could cause a death when swapping a +Lev item above water due to incorrect assumptions).
  • A warning when transforming would meld your last +Lev item.
  • Backlash works for finding portals on the map screen.
  • Remembered traps no longer lose their identity when out of sight.
  • Certain rare monsters don't clutter tile displays with name tags anymore.
  • show_game_turns labels its display as "Time:" not "Turn:".
  • Greatly improved webtiles performance.
  • Fixed miscompiles or compilation failures with GCC 4.7.
  • A bunch of assorted minor fixes.
  • Some new interface functionality:
    • can annotate remote levels (X[ then !)
    • picking a stack of items you already had some of shows how many did you just gain
    • shops show item slot letters assigned to your new purchases
    • enchanteable missiles are listed in the wield menu if you have scrolls of Enchant Weapon