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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.4.0 is an old version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, released on July 14, 2008.

Released notes

Stone Soup 0.4.0 (20080714)

Disclaimer: These are merely the highlights, not an exhaustive list of changes.

Breaks saves and bones compatibility.

0.4 Highlights

  • Many interface improvements.
  • Greatly improved Tiles.
  • Allow all sensible species/class combinations.
  • Added Vampire species.
  • Overhaul of the good gods.
  • Smarter monsters.


  • Overhauled key settings of a number of commands.
 (See settings/034_commands.txt or press ?v while playing.)
  • Added monster list for monsters in line of sight (ASCII only).
  • Improved religion, skills, ability interface. (Commands are ^!, m?, and a!.)
  • Overhauled (f)iring interface: abolish (t)hrowing, output quiver in status.
  • Improved butchering interface.
  • Allow selection of equipment slots from '%' overview screen.
  • Added coloured HP/Magic bars.
  • Many new tutorial information triggers.
  • Allow searching item/monster/spell/... descriptions ('?/' command).
  • Allow swapping (' command) to non-weapons that need to be wielded for spells.
  • Fixed weapon swap ignoring {!w}.
  • Added Ctrl-D as a synonym for '~' (defining macros).
  • Added commands for repeating commands ('`' and '0').
  • Added command to annotate level ('!' command).
  • Stepping into lava/deep water is not possible anymore, unless confused.
  • Ask for confirmation before stepping into dangerous clouds, or traps.
  • Allow autotravel through clouds your character is immune to.
  • Prompt when firing through allies, or doing a ranged attack TSO would punish.
  • Make butchering respect distortion weapons.
  • (W)ear and (P)ut on menus allow removal of equipped items.
  • Arriving via stairs calls autopickup and lists items on square.
  • Refuse to eat rotten meat for non-saprovorous characters.
  • Added harmful effects (poison etc.) to chunk descriptions.
  • Evaporate can now be cancelled during potion/direction choice.
  • Portaled Projectile now allows choice of ammunition.
  • Stash tracker now tracks decay of corpses/chunks, eventually removing them.
  • greedy_explore now defaults to true.


  • Overhauled the good gods: Zin/TSO completely new, Elyvilon more interesting.
  • Greatly improved Beogh and Nemelex, and made Xom more interesting.
  • Vehumet isn't evil anymore, and all boosts apply without prayer.
  • Switch costs of Lugonu's self-banishment and leaving the Abyss.
  • Removed autoprayer and option to stop prayer.
  • Removed item sacrifices for all gods except Nemelex, TSO, Zin.
  • Upon failed sacrifice hint on accepted item types.
  • Divine summons will leave on penance, or turn hostile on abandonment.


  • Added Vampire species.
  • Enable all sensible species/class combinations.
  • Overhaul starting skills and equipment.
  • Removed Glamour.
  • Red/White Draconians gain heat/cold resistance at xl 14 (rather than 18).
  • Mutations: Removed forgetfulness; introduced fur, shouting, +mp/-mp.
  • Added +1 damage bonus for orcs and dwarves throwing racial gear.
  • Fixed undead being unable to smite.
  • Necromutation now gives torment resistance again.
  • When transforming only remove armour you can't wear while transformed.


  • Removed weapons of disruption, improved holy wrath.
  • New weapon brand: dragon slaying, limited to Polearms.
  • Fixed darts of flame/ice to actually work, add similarly branded javelins.
  • Forbid (un)equipping of items with known potentially fatal stat drain.
  • Make distortion only take effect on unwielding.
  • Improved autotargeting for weapons of reaching.
  • Disable random generation of weapons of orc slaying (allowed in randarts).
  • Fixed cap acquirement misbehaviour.
  • New scrolls: Holy Word, Fog.
  • Removed scrolls of forgetfulness.
  • Added potions of blood and coagulated blood.
  • Scrolls of recharging and enchant armour now prompt for an item.
  • Potions of restore ability also cancel breath delay.
  • Staves and rods of the same type can now be recognized.
  • Staves will autoID if your skill in the appropriate school is 4 or higher.
  • Manuals are visibly different from spell books and don't prompt anymore.
  • Improved artefact autoinscriptions.
  • Several new pre-defined (un)randarts.
  • Added message for returning weapons NOT returning.
  • Equipped randarts can now actually cause berserk.
  • Thrown potions of poison won't poison monsters anymore.
  • Limit racial properties applying to only some fitting item types.
  • Prompt when attempting to sacrifice important items.
  • Fixed books in shops being noted as identified over and over again.


  • New glyphs and colours for many monsters.
 (See settings/034_monster_glyphs.txt.)
  • Beefed up demon lords.
  • Draconian ghosts of xl >= 7 get the shadow dragon breath attack.
  • Ghosts get Dispel Undead, Freezing Cloud, etc.
  • Mummy curses now only decay a random amount of a stack of potions.
  • Make Snorg go berserk.
  • Angels and Daevas may appear randomly in the Abyss.
  • Holy monsters may turn neutral if the player follows a good god.
  • Unknown mimics are now consistently treated like items.
  • Changed monster resists to have several levels, like the player's.
  • Removed electricity resistance from several monsters.
  • Daevas now resist negative energy.
  • Fixed Oklob plants being confuseable.
  • Lee's Rapid Deconstruction now works against skeletal dragons.
  • Changed evil/holiness/intelligence/... flags for a number of monsters.
  • Improved trap handling for intelligent monsters.
  • Improved control over friendly monsters.
  • Smarter pickup handling.
  • Implemented patrolling and monster pathfinding.
  • Fixed friendlies accidentally shooting the player.
  • Fixed monsters firing/reaching through walls.
  • Fixed summoned monsters sharing a square with the player.
  • Monsters won't enter miasma if it harms them.
  • Implemented Dispel Undead for monsters.
  • Fix nagas/centaurs never being generating with bardings.
  • Monsters may use wands of disintegration/polymorph other (mutate the player).
  • Make paralysed monsters stabbable.
  • Give a message for kills out of LOS.
  • No experience for killing summoned monsters.
  • Give half xp for enslaved monsters dying.
  • Monster blink is now (mostly) restricted to their LOS.
  • Introduced fish zombies.
  • Fixed several spell/invocation attacks not waking monsters.
  • Improved monster shields.
  • More refined monster speech. (See docs/monster_speech.txt.)


  • Added transparent wall types.
  • Modified Slime Pits end, guarantee rune.
  • Several new vaults.
  • Fixed some levels having the wrong amount of stairs.
  • Fixed wonky vaults on lava etc.
  • Treat adjacent doors as one (large) gate, opening/closing together.
  • Player minotaurs will now map labyrinths.
  • Removed amnesia traps.
  • Introduced shafts.
  • Added blood spattering.


  • Merged Tiles into Crawl code.
  • Save files between tile and non-tile games are compatible.
  • Added lots of new tiles, and corrected misdisplayed ones.
  • wininit.txt is now autocreated, if missing.
  • Adapted tutorial for tiles.
  • Improved mouse-click inventory/dungeon interaction.
  • Show travel exclusion in tile map and mini-map.
  • Fixed Detect creatures revealing exact monster type.
  • Mimics posing as autopickable items now get marked as such.
  • Clicking on items now respects warning inscriptions.
  • General improvement.


  • New scoring system.
  • Train Stealth by sneaking around sleeping monsters.
  • Train Traps & Doors by setting off traps.
  • Disallow self-banishment via Banishment spell.
  • New spell: Summon Ugly Thing.
  • Replace Paralyse spell with new spell Petrify.
  • Better feedback on Detect Traps.
  • Identify post-mortem inventory in morgue.txt.
  • Dump command also dumps level map.
  • init.txt/.crawlrc allow loading of external options/macro files.
  • Changed stat display to be more compact and visually appealing.
  • Overhaul of ghost structure.
  • Overhauled and improved the documentation.
  • Outsourced a lot of text into database files.
  • Lots of additional bugs squashed.
  • General code clean-up.