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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

This AC nerf that this page refers to has to a large extent been undone in 0.8 and later versions. The mechanics remained the same between versions, but GDR was vastly increased, and heavy armour now allows for higher enchantments. Thus, this page is obsolete.

AC/EV changes

The first iteration of AC/EV changes as described on

Although the distinction between "heavy armour" and "light armour" has been removed for the actual AC and EV calculations, the heavy/light armour distinction is still in place for skill training. Skill training is not modified in any way by this change.

Change details follow, with Armour = armour skill, Dodge = Dodging skill:

New total AC

 = base_AC * (23 + effective_armour_skill) / 23
   + enchantments
   + modifiers


    - effective_armour_skill = armour skill + racial armour skill bonus.
    - enchantments = armour enchantments
    - modifiers = transforms, mutations, etc. affecting AC.

New guaranteed damage reduction:

 = body_base_AC*(13+Armour)/17 * max_dam/100

New total EV

 = 10 + size + (7 * Dodge * Dex) / (20 * AEVP - size) - AEVP - ASP + bonuses
   Where size = 2 * (medium - body_size)
             having: body_size be one of:
                 tiny = 0 | little = 1 | small  = 2 | medium = 3 | large  = 4 | big    = 5 | giant  = 6 | huge   = 7
             For ref: halfling = small, human = medium, ogre = large, dragon = huge
         AEVP (adjusted evasion penalty for armour):
             = body_AEVP + piece_EVP
               Where body_AEVP is for the body armour, calculated as:
                       = (EVP + MAX(0, 3*EVP - Str)) * (45 - Armour) /45
                         where EVP = base evasion penalty of the armour
                     piece_EVP is the sum of the base evasion penalties of
                     the non-body armour worn, excluding shields. Currently
                     this is only applicable to bardings (EVP of 2).
         ASP (adjusted shield evasion penalty):
             = SP - (1 + Shields) / (2 * (5 + size))
               where SP = 1 for buckler, 3 for shield, 5 for large shield

New spellcasting penalty

 = 25 * (body_AEVP + ASP) - 20 - race_mod
   where race_mod = 25 for elven, -15 for dwarven,
         +15 for races in their native armour.

New combat penalties

 - to-hit penalty = 1d(body_AEVP) + 1d(ASP)
 - to-hit penalty for 1.5 hand weapons = 1d(body_AEVP) + 2d(ASP)
 - to-dam penalty for 1.5 hand = 1d(ASP)
 - base_delay is unchanged if body_AEVP is 0, otherwise:
   - base_delay             = max(base_delay, 1d10 + 1d(body_AEVP))
   - base_delay for unarmed = max(base_delay, 1d10 + 2d(body_AEVP))
   - final_delay              += min(1d(body_AEVP), 1d(body_AEVP))
   - final_delay for 1.5 hand += min(1d(body_AEVP) + 1dASP,
                                     1d(body_AEVP) + 1dASP)

What does this all mean?

  • The Armour skill no longer increases your AC as much. In 0.5.2, you need 15 levels in the skill to double your base armour, in 0.6, you need 23.
  • GDR has been nerfed. In 0.5, each skill level in Armour and base AC point on your body armour added 2% GDR, so it was possible to reach the max 50% without much trouble. Now, a character with 27 Armour skill wearing crystal plate mail gets something like 30% damage reduction, and most heavy armour users will get around 20-25%.
  • Heavy armour is harder to train. In 0.5, you could guarantee that you would train heavy armour if EV penalty > 1/3 * armour. Hybrids could grab a ring mail, train Armour to 6, get a scale mail, train it to 9, etc. Now, you train both Armour and Dodging at the same time. As Dodging is much easier to train in medium-weight armour, XP invariably gets poured into Dodging (even with the skill deactivated). This could be good if low levels of Dodging were useful while wearing the heavier armours, but they're not.
  • It's harder to cast in heavy armour. In order to make strength useful there is now a penalty to casting if your str is not at least 3x the EV penalty of your armour. This means heavy armour casters have to invest points into str in order to be able to cast. While this does make str more "useful", the end result is that heavy armour casters are less powerful.