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Rank Effect Flavor
1 Shows the location of all invisible enemies in line of sight. Detects all monsters within 3 tiles, even through walls or opaque clouds. Prohibits helmets. You have a pair of small antennae on your head.
2 Range increases to 5 tiles. Prohibits helmets. You have a pair of antennae on your head.
3 Range increases to 7 tiles. Grants see invisible. Prohibits all headgear. You have a pair of large antennae on your head.

When playing in console mode, creatures not in line of sight are revealed as { or { glyphs, depending on whether the entity is hostile or friendly. In tile mode, they appear as icons which similarly indicate hostility. Mimics will be identified as soon as they enter your antennae range.

Species notes: Formicids start with rank 3. Demonspawn can gain antennae as a body slot option.

Good mutation, Demonspawn mutation