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Rank Effect Flavor
1 Shows the location of all invisible enemies in line of sight. Detects all monsters within 3 tiles, even through walls or opaque clouds. Prohibits helmets. You have a pair of small antennae on your head.
2 Range increases to 5 tiles. Prohibits helmets. You have a pair of antennae on your head.
3 Range increases to 7 tiles. Grants see invisible. Prohibits all headgear. You have a pair of large antennae on your head.

When playing in console mode, non-submerged creatures not in line of sight are revealed as { or { glyphs, depending on whether the entity is hostile or friendly. In tile mode, they appear as a variety of icons. Mimics will be identified as soon as they enter your antennae range. Attempting to move into a submerged monster (e.g., trapdoor spiders) will halt your movement without revealing the monster.

Species:: Formicids start with rank 3. Demonspawn can gain antennae as a body slot option.

Good mutation, Demonspawn mutation