Gold dragon scales

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Name Gold dragon scales
Size to wear All
Armour Class 12
Encumbrance rating 23
Maximum Enchantment +12
Grants rF+, rC+, rPois
Time to Wear 5

The scales of a gold dragon. It is much heavier than most dragon scale armours, and grants its wearer resistance to poison, fire and cold.

Gold dragon scales are one of the heaviest body armours in the game, tied with crystal plate armour. While these scales offer less AC than crystal plate, it offers a resistance to fire, cold, and poison. Since the encumbrance is so high, casting, dodging, and stealth are very difficult.

This item has a 33% chance to generate when you slay a golden dragon. The unique troll Parghit always wears a highly enchanted set of gold dragon scales.


With 3 resistances and excellent AC, a set of gold dragon scales is a strong choice for any high-strength melee brute. However, the chances of finding one before Depths or Zot are very low. You can get +10 plate armour or so well before then, which will generally outperform a +0 GDS. You could wait to enchant your gear, but the time spent waiting for GDS is time that your scrolls of enchant armour are doing nothing.

If you do get one in a timely manner, though, it's very good for heavy melee characters. Parghit's scales, for instance, are often well worth using. Dodgers, casters, and ranged weapon users will find these too heavy to effectively use, at least for a 3 rune game.


Gold dragon scales Image
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Artefact Gold dragon armour artefact.png
Scales of the Dragon King Armour of the dragon king.png
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