Gold dragon scales

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Version 0.22: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Gold dragon scales
Size to wear All
Armour Class 12
Encumbrance rating 23
GDR 44%
Maximum Enchantment +12
Grants rF+, rC+, rPois
Time to Wear 5

The scales of a gold dragon. It is much heavier than most dragon scale armours, and grants its wearer resistance to poison, fire and cold.

Gold dragon scales are one of the heaviest body armours in the game, providing excellent physical defense as well as resistance to fire, cold, and poison. Unfortunately, they require very high strength to wear effectively, and the armour's encumbrance rating is massive enough to make magic very difficult and the Dodging skill much less effective.

This item may randomly generate when you slay a golden dragon.


Although three guaranteed resistances and excellent AC and GDR may sound tempting, realize that few species can naturally have enough strength to wear this armour comfortably, and that ruining your evasion and spellcasting often isn't worth the tradeoff. These armours are more useful to trolls and ogres because they have difficulty finding resistances elsewhere and their evasion score is already heavily penalized. Others can often find better performance elsewhere, though high-strength races such as hill orcs and minotaurs can still consider it.


Gold dragon scales Gold dragon armour.png
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