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CrawlWiki (Edit box)

Gaining access to the Wiki

The normal registration process is disabled on the wiki for spam prevention purposes, but if you'd like to register for a new account, just send us an email with your preferred username, new contributors are always welcome!

General tasks

  • Fix typos.
  • Turn awkward grammar into beautiful prose.
  • Create a page that doesn't exist yet.
  • Run experiments in wizmode and add what you have learned!
  • Categorize uncategorized pages, images and categories.
  • Fix any double redirects or broken redirects, if any.
  • Choose a stub article and expand it.
  • If you understand a bit of C language, help document how the game really works by perusing the source code. Optionally, help verify specific Crawl facts by adding footnotes to source code pages (add a source code link, enclosed in [], at the end of the fact).
  • Welcome new users by placing the {{Welcome}} template on their talk page.
  • Participate in discussions.

Specific tasks