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Dungeon Crawl or just Crawl is a roguelike computer game that began in 1995 as the project of Linley Henzell (in fact, its full name is Linley's Dungeon Crawl). The term is also used to refer to that game's variants, most notably Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (see below).


Version was 1.0 in 1997 and Henzell continued to work on the game until version 3.30 was released in 1999. Following Henzell's departure from the project, a loose coalition of developers officially maintained the game, though visible development has stalled at version 4.0.0's beta 26. Outside contributors, such as Darshan Shaligram, continued to produce patches for the game.

Development team member Brent Ross worked on Dungeon Crawl 4.1 alpha versions until 2005, rewriting significant parts of the code. Version 4.1 didn't reach a playable state.

Stone Soup

In 2006, the Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup project was formed to pull Dungeon Crawl development out of its perceived state of Ensorcelled Hibernation. This project is based on the 4.0.0 beta versions and aims to preserve and improve playability while incorporating several of the features of 4.1 as well as ideas from the community. Stone Soup is still being actively developed and most Dungeon Crawl players have switched to it.

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