Potion of coagulated blood

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Type Potion
Name Potion of coagulated blood
Icon Potion of coagulated blood.png
A potion containing the essence of life. Vital for all living creatures, as well as some undead ones. The blood within won't be palatable much longer.

A potion of coagulated blood is essentially a potion of blood which has nearly gone bad. It functions identically, providing significant nutrition to vampires, minimal nutrition (and possible sickness) to others, and fueling the Sublimation of Blood spell, except:

  • It only provides vampires with 800 nutrition
  • It will disappear 500 turns after it generates

Good gods (particularly the Shining One) disapprove of knowingly drinking blood.

Potions of coagulated blood are generally brown, which makes identifying them by guesswork slightly easier. This is rarely an issue, as they are even less common than potions of blood -- probably the only time a player will see one is after one of their potions of blood coagulates.

Vampires: "This tastes delicious!"
Carnivores: "This tastes like blood."
Others: "Yuck - this tastes like blood."


Potions of coagulated blood were removed in 0.16.

In 0.14, potions of blood will no longer generate unless created by a vampire.