Slick slippers

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Crafted from the tanned, smooth hide of a Western Skyshark, these slippers are astonishingly comfortable. They lack the protective benefits of a good pair of boots, but they can get their wearers out of almost any bind.

Slick slippers.png the +2 pair of slick slippers

+2 slippers (modified boots: 0 base AC)
Make all damaging melee attacks trample their wearer backward (immune when climbing stairs)
Provide immunity to constriction, engulfing, webs, and throwing nets.
+4 EV


A "freedom of movement" style effect from the slick slippers[1] is desirable, especially in places where nets/webs or constriction are common, like Spider and Snake, respectively. The +4 EV is a welcome bonus.

However, the slippery effect is generally a negative. Being forced to move, at seemingly random intervals, can cause a lot of problems. It makes stair dancing very difficult. You can be forced onto traps or into shallow water. It often makes your positioning worse. And slippery is unreliable: since you must be damaged in order for it to proc, dodging an attack means you won't actually get pushed back.

If you can manage your fights and positioning well, then you can negate much of the downside from the proc. For example, fighting with your back against a wall (or against another monster) will prevent you from being pushed around. It may be a positive in some situations, as it lets you back up for relatively free.


  • The slick slippers were added in 0.30.