Staff of the Meek

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Version 0.30: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
A sacred relic of the Monks of St. Lee, followers of the renunciate archmage. Just as St. Lee sought to atone for the destruction his spells wrought by protecting others, so his staff protects its wielder.

Staff of the Meek.png the +7 staff of the Meek

+7 quarterstaff
Protection brand
Provides even more AC at low health.


Regardless of health, the staff provides the effects of the protection brand (+7 AC for a short time after attacking a monster). At 55 HP, and for every 4 health below 55, that AC bonus increases by 1. This caps out at 27 HP, where the Meekstaff will provide 14 AC total.[1]


Quarterstaves are decent weapons in the early stages of the game thanks to their high accuracy, damage, and low attack delay. The staff of the Meek[2], a +7 quarterstaff, gives characters just staring out a distinct advantage over early foes. For a relatively small skill investment (you can even rely on crosstraining), this staff provides a great return. While the staff does take up your shield slot, the protection brand helps compensate, especially when your max HP is low (and it might take you a while to find a shield in the first place).

Consider switching to a stronger offensive weapon once you start finding other decent branded weapons and better defensive gear.

The staff of the Meek tends to appear early in the Dungeon, where it is most useful.


  • The staff was added in 0.28.