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Alright, added rN+ intrinsic (which was missing) and cleaned up a little bit of the factual presentation. Since these were all very simple, it seemed to make better sense (and invite less confusion) just to write them out in plain language.

As for difficulty of play section, I revised it considerably. It neglected to mention the AC bonus, which is the main thing that compensates for Gargoyle's low HP, and in general didn't give much of a good perspective, IMO, as to what makes Gargoyles an easy species. I hope my edits improved that.

Yours, and into

Thanks! I made a few minor changes, mostly copyedits, but overall, solid contribution. -Ion frigate (talk) 05:16, 4 February 2014 (CET)

I changed some stuff for 0.14. Got rid of Fangs/Talons/Slow metabolism, changed up the GDR bonus, added some tables. The AC table seems wrong, even though I did the math. I think it might be a rounding issue that I screwed up. Also I added this: "Note that Statue Form's AC bonus is different for Gargoyles. It begins at +13 AC and is modified by your skill in Earth Magic." It appears in the source code as "AC += 1300 + skill(SK_EARTH_MAGIC, 50);" whatever that means. I believe my representation is correct. -trystero