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Updating [0.29]

As Deep Dwarves are facing imminent removal, and most of the article talks about them in present tense, I really don't know how to treat it.

I think the first thing to do is to remove the version tag - speedrunning is a metastrategy independent of version. While Meteorans give DD a run for their money for LTC, I don't think any 0.29 species can beat 0.26 DD in real time.

Then, mention the version in-article for things that were removed/heavily nerfed. (ex. "Deep Dwarf Fighters of Makhleb, removed in 0.29, is still a very popular choice for speedrunning").

For keeping the article useful, it's worth to focus on two aspects:
1) what are the best strategies/tools for doing challenge runs in the current version;
2) for the WRs, whenever they were done, what made these records possible.
I suggest moving DD stuff into History and a new Current World Records section, and keeping the rest of the article about the current version.
Also, 0.26's DDs might be the best option for real time games now, but this could and likely will change sooner or later. There will be versions with fewer levels, new branches, and new species. Or, given enough attempts, someone will get a GDS and a vampiric axe on D:1 and beat the current WR.
Also-also, the article is about "meta"-stuff, but "meta" doesn't mean "exists outside of the development timeline." This article has a lot of version-specific tips and could become outdated in a couple versions. IMO, there are only two types of articles that don't need a version tag at all. random2 is unlikely to change, unless someone decides to make the meme real and rewrites the game in Rust. Variants exists completely outside of the main timeline. Almost everything else needs to be updated when a new version is released. And version tags help to keep track of articles that haven't been updated for a while. Ge0ff (talk) 23:07, 15 June 2022 (CEST)