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Strategy Section: Vampires

This one needs major attention too, and probably some major cuts. Post-endgame content shouldn't be the major focus of any (reasonable) strategy guide, particularly one on a page that is mostly informational. It is fair to mention the problem that vampires run into in the branches without corpses, with some recommendations on how this can be offset, but that should be made as short as possible. It should also be made clear that lack of corpses is not a problem except for some specific areas of the game, all of which are completely optional with regard to winning Crawl. This is all very opaque at the moment.

So again: What should be retained? In my opinion it may be appropriate to have a very short run-down of how you can deal with advantages and disadvantages of each stage of satiation, as this is something that applies only to Vampires and might not otherwise be clear. But beyond that, not much else.

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