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Oops. Reborn (not like Dabbelju Bush or Wheel of Time) under a new name. The birthgiving procedure turned out to be technically more complicated than expected.

Some necessary equipment

Why don't instruments play any role in DCSS (unlike Nethack)?


Collected Ideas

This list is just about possibilities I stumbled upon while using the wiki. If anybody believes s/he 'd like to discuss those ideas please use User talk site!

  • If the values (mostly numbers) of tables would be centered, it'd look/read much better! - less important, but better design! E.g. Noise#Ranged combat.

Features of DCSS I'd change

  • I dislike features like "Used weapon shops". Experience tells me: shops are mostly damned rare. So "flavour features" that are a mere nuisance should be eliminated.
  • To choose a kobold/ghoul that can eat whenever he likes is a pleasure! It's okay that food is rare and precious. But to get the necessary amulet of gourmand is too hazard dependent.
  • Hunger is a very basic emergency. So it's completely against my feeling that it is displayed only at status line. A sound alarm should be implemented for cases of severe hunger.
  • Shapeshifters that are nearly defeated change shape: suddenly their hitpoints are at 100%. Sometimes repeatedly. I hate this case of ill game mechanics implementation as against all logic.

Is it the end?

I'm no longer enjoying the course of the developers. Even 0.17 was no pleasure to play: mainly because the item generation was driven into extreme scarcity. Example given: The scrolls of acqirement are very rare (and that's okay) but nowadays they no longer produce good, useful stuff most of the time, 4/5 of acquired items are nearly useless. Even going through Ziggurats doesn't provide armour items you'd like to have (most of the time). Now 0.18 runs into even worse dilemmata. I strongly dislike some features concerning e.g. the removed amulets, wands and spells. I despise the new property *fragile*, which destroys the random artefact(sic!) item when it is removed. I don't know yet how to replace the amulet of mutation resistance. No, I dislike these new directions and thus I will not take part in the tournament. I'll stick to the older version and still hope that the next version might correct the shortcomings. If not a real change to the better will happen I'll go away from DCSS definitely. -- Bwijn (talk) 15:56, 6 May 2016 (CEST)