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List of mutations

Mutations are something every player has to deal with at some point in crawl, and they come in many different varieties. This list is currently up-to-date as of 0.10.

Types of mutations

Most mutations can be gained randomly through the use of items like potions of mutation or through Xom worship. Certain effects that add or remove mutations refer to good, bad, or random mutations. Depending on the character, some "good" mutations may be harmful and some "bad" mutations may be useful, but this does not change the game's classification.

A few mutations are not in the random pool and can only be acquired by being a demonspawn, draconian, or follower of Jiyva.

Mutation table

Mutation Type Effect
Teleport at Will Good Lets you teleport as an ability
Teleportitis Bad Forces you to teleport at random
Gelatinous Body Jiyva, Octopode innate Improves your defenses