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I never know how to start these bloody things...

Besides, there's too much I want to say. Suffice to say I'm a habitual Crawler, and an aspiring game developer. I work on a lot of projects, so if you're interested feel free to ask. I'm an English major (In progress, but with perfect grades and honors) and I play often so hopefully I can be helpful here.

My ideal is that everyone should be able to relax, be happy, have peace of mind, and be able to listen to others. Essentially what I'm saying is that everyone should have a hot tub.

Ideas for the game!

I welcome and encourage all feedback~

Pressure Plate Traps

I found a trap that was simply a pressure plate. Once stepped on, a grate cut off my escape and sent a rolling boulder beetle after me. This, I think, is brilliant, and should be very vastly expanded upon. Traps like these, I mean. If they were harder to detect, that'd be great too. The shafts, teleport traps, zot traps, alarm traps… All those are fine and good too, but special traps like as described above are an inspired idea and there ought to be more of them.


Scythes have always been a weapon that LOOKS really awesome, and naturally new players look at something like this (especially after Sigmund) with glee. But right now they're considered the worst weapon type in crawl. Could I suggest they be given cleaving to make up for this? It makes sense aesthetically, and would put them in the interesting position of having both reach and cleave, which would make them useful despite their disadvantages.