Book of Transmutation

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Spellbook.png Book of Transmutation
Primary school Alchemy
A meticulous compendium of research notes, filled with formulae for decomposing and reconstituting all manner of substances. The author appears to have had a strange obsession with becoming a spider, but even if their ultimate aim eluded them, many of the spells detailed therein are nonetheless quite practical.

The book of Transmutation contains a mixture of spells.


Tile Spell Type Level
Sublimation of blood.png a - Sublimation of Blood Necromancy 2
Petrify.png b - Petrify Alchemy/Earth 4
Irradiate.png c - Irradiate Alchemy/Conjuration 5


  • Prior to 0.31, this book was called the book of Alchemy.
  • Prior to 0.27, this book contained Ignite Poison, Eringya's Noxious Bog, and Alistair's Intoxication.
  • Prior to 0.17, this book contained Condensation Shield.
  • Prior to 0.9, this book was known as the Book of Chemistry.