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The Necromancy school of magic focuses on calling upon the unsavory power of death itself. It also boosts the abilities of Kikubaaqudgha and the bonus damage you can inflict with a pain branded weapon. Characters under the influence of the Necromutation spell (itself of the Necromancy school) receive a bonus to the power of Necromancy spells, as do mummies upon reaching levels 3 and 13.

The most obvious use for Necromancy is the creation of derived undead allies, though there are also several offensive and defensive spell options. It contains a very diverse spell set, and is a useful school of magic to study.

Using Necromancy has more consequences than other magical schools, however, as certain high-level Necromancy spells have side effects for the caster beyond the usual chance of miscasts. Necromancy is also considered unholy, and the good-aligned gods severely punish its use.


At Ba DE Dg Ds Dj Dr Fe Fo Gr Gh Gn HO Hu Ko Mf Mi Mu Na Op On Sp Te Tr Vp VS
-2 -1 2 -1 1 11 0 0 0 -2 0 6 0 0 0 -2 -3 0 0 0 -1 -1 1 -2 1 0


Icon Name Schools Level Power
Range Noise Flags Books

Level 1

Kiss of death.png Kiss of Death Conjuration/Necromancy 1 25 0-1 1 Dir or target, Not self, Unclean Book of Touch
Necrotise.png Necrotise Necromancy 1 25 5 1 Wl check, Dir or target, Needs tracer Book of Cantrips
Book of Necromancy

Level 2

Cigotuvi's dreadful rot.png Cigotuvi's Dreadful Rot Air/Alchemy/Necromancy 2 100 2 Unclean Book of Decay
Trismegistus Codex
Sublimation of blood.png Sublimation of Blood Necromancy 2 100 2 Utility Book of Blood
Book of Transmutation

Level 3

Fugue of the fallen.png Fugue of the Fallen Necromancy 3 100 8 Selfench Book of Battle
Book of Dreams
Vampiric draining.png Vampiric Draining Necromancy 3 100 1 3 Dir or target, Not self Book of Debilitation
Book of Necromancy

Level 4

Anguish.png Anguish Hexes/Necromancy 4 200 LOS 4 Wl check, Area Book of Dreams
Book of Hexes
Animate dead.png Animate Dead Necromancy 4 100 3 Helpful, Selfench, Utility Book of Death
Book of Unlife
Dispel undead.png Dispel Undead Necromancy 4 100 1 4 Dir or target, Needs tracer Book of Decay
Book of Touch
Martyr's knell.png Martyr's Knell Necromancy/Summoning 4 100 4 Book of Decay
Book of Necromancy

Level 5

Borgnjor's vile clutch.png Borgnjor's Vile Clutch Earth/Necromancy 5 200 6 5 Dir or target, Needs tracer Great Wizards, Vol. II
Book of Unlife
Agony.png Curse of Agony Necromancy 5 200 3 5 Wl check, Dir or target, Needs tracer, Not self Book of Necromancy
Book of the Senses

Level 6

Death channel.png Death Channel Necromancy 6 200 5 Helpful, Selfench, Utility Book of Decay
Book of Unlife

Level 7

Haunt.png Haunt Necromancy/Summoning 7 200 LOS 6 Mons abjure, Not self, Target Book of Death

Level 8

Borgnjor's revivification.png Borgnjor's Revivification Necromancy 8 200 6 Utility Necronomicon
Infestation.png Infestation Necromancy 8 200 LOS 8 Target, Unclean Book of Death

Level 9

Death's door.png Death's Door Necromancy 9 200 6 No ghost, Utility Necronomicon


Main Texts
Book of Death: Animate Dead, Haunt, Infestation
Book of Decay: Cigotuvi's Dreadful Rot, Dispel Undead, Martyr's Knell, Death Channel
Book of Necromancy: Necrotise, Vampiric Draining, Martyr's Knell, Curse of Agony
Book of Unlife: Animate Dead, Borgnjor's Vile Clutch, Death Channel
Necronomicon: Haunt, Borgnjor's Revivification, Death's Door
Other Texts
Book of Battle: Fugue of the Fallen
Book of Blood: Sublimation of Blood
Book of Cantrips: Necrotise
Book of Debilitation: Vampiric Draining
Book of Dreams: Fugue of the Fallen, Anguish
Great Wizards, Vol. II: Borgnjor's Vile Clutch
Book of Hexes: Anguish
Book of the Senses: Curse of Agony
Book of Touch: Kiss of Death, Dispel Undead
Book of Transmutation: Sublimation of Blood
Trismegistus Codex: Cigotuvi's Dreadful Rot

Undead Creation

While the corpses you'll find (and create) are useless, certain undead-creating spells will destroy corpses when they take effect. Only one of these effects may apply per monster (in order of priority, highest to lowest):[1]

However, all four effects will stack with Death Channel[2], meaning you can create up to 2 derived undead per enemy.

A monster's Bind Souls enchantment overrides all four of the player corpse-based effects. Gozag turns corpses to gold, preventing Necrotise and Animate Dead from creating allies. Yredelemnul's passive reaping prevents necromantic creation of allies through any means except Infestation (Death Channel does not stack). Followers of Okawaru, as well as followers of Ru who have sacrificed love, cannot create undead allies.

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