Mad Mage's Maulers

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A pair of gloves designed to carefully control and channel the flow of magic, later misused and mangled by the lunatic murderer-mages of the Fifth Circle. Their influence leaves the wearer of these gloves distracted by intrusive images, vividly aware of the death and destruction their hands could wreak.

Mad Mage's Maulers.png the +3 Mad Mage's Maulers

Infusion +∞ (consumes all MP when making a melee attack to add a damage bonus of up to 4*MP.)
VampMP (always activates: 1/8th of melee damage done is converted into MP)


The Mad Mage's Maulers[1] are a powerful item for melee characters. This item gives you, at the very least, 1 obscenely strong hit in melee. However, you should watch out for MP usage. Even though these gloves prohibit spell magic, many divine abilities cost some amount of MP. Hybrid characters will have to choose between using the maulers and dedicating themselves to melee, or having the ability to cast spells.

The infusion ego does not work on ranged weapons, Throwing, or evocables. For example, a ranged weapon user can wear these as simple +3 gloves. Melee characters can use alternate styles of killing if they need MP for some reason.

Unlike normal gloves of infusion, Djinn cannot trigger the Mad Mage's Maulers, as the effect would instantly kill them. For Djinn, these are simply +3 gloves which prevent casting.


  • Prior to 0.30, the Mad Mage's Maulers provided RegenMP+ and -3 Int instead of VampMP and -Cast. In addition, it only boosted damage by 2*MP.
  • The Mad Mage's Maulers were added in 0.28.