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#REDIRECT [[Ring of sustain attributes]]
|name=Ring of sustain abilities
|cost= 175
{{flavour|This ring protects its wearer from the loss of their strength, dexterity and intelligence.}}
The '''ring of sustain abilities''' cuts any temporary loss of [[stats]] in half, rounding down. Note that most sources of stat loss cause you to lose a single point, so this ring completely negates those (e.g. [[sickness]] and the [[Bad mutations#Deterioration|Deterioration mutation]]).
A ring of sustain abilities does '''not''' affect the ''permanent'' loss of abilities that might be incurred by [[mutation]]s.
If you happen to have one in your inventory, you could put it on if you come across a monster capable of draining your stats or making you sick. Stat losses incurred through routine exploration are largely negligible, however, so most characters need not bother; characters with particularly low stats (such as a [[berserker]] with low [[intelligence]]) may wish to have one on hand for such occasions, as [[stat zero]] is extremely unpleasant.
[[Deep dwarves]] (who do not regain stats naturally) and [[mummies]] (who can only regain stats by waiting or spending a permanent MP) might consider wearing one of these rings, and even for them, a good resistance is usually a better choice, since stat drain is rarely immediately life-threatening.
However, the [[Deterioration|Deterioration mutation]] makes these rings become far more useful. Level 1 of that mutation is generally just annoying, but at levels 2 and 3, it becomes almost a necessity to wear one of these rings until you can get rid of the mutation. A deep dwarf with any level of deterioration will nearly always want to be wearing a ring of sustain abilities.
Another situation that may merit a ring of sustain abilities is the exploration of the [[Tomb]], where you will encounter large numbers of [[death curse]]s, many of which will have a small, but significant chance of reducing your stats. A ring of sustain abilities will make the stat losses more manageable.
If you want to run the extended endgame and explore [[Hell]], you'll need sustain abilities to block the frequently occuring stats reductions by [[Hell's mystical force]]. Since [[randarts]] with this quality are very, very rare and the only [[Unrandart]] delivering SustAb is the [[Orange crystal plate armour]] you'll need probably this ring.
In [[0.17]], these rings will be renamed to "sustain attributes".
Prior to [[0.15]] you received a cumulative effect for wearing two rings, reducing stat loss by 75%, thus entirely negating all stat damage dealt in increments of 3 or less.
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