Staff of Dispater

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Version 0.19: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Magical staves
Name staff of Dispater
Icon Staff of dispater.png
A legendary staff, granting power to unleash damnation -- although not without draining the wielder's vitality in the process.

The staff of Dispater is a powerful artifact staff which contains dangerous demonic magic. It can only be acquired by slaying Dispater, the lord of Dis.

The staff may be used in combat, functioning as a +4 staff. You can improve your melee performance with this staff by training Fighting and Staves. Alternatively, the staff can be evoked to launch Hellfire at a monster, dealing a potentially massive amount of damage (max 3-171) that very few enemies are resistant to. However, it comes at a cost to HP as well as MP and food.

Spell Power: Evocations×8
Damage: 3d(8+Spell Power/5)
Cost: 5-23 HP (Average 14, but never fatal), 2-6 MP (Average 4), 100 food
Restrictions: You cannot evoke this item if you have less than 12 HP, 5 MP, or if you are under the effects of Death's Door


While this item does allow a character with high Evocations to deal tremendous damage quickly, be aware that many end-game monsters are completely immune to its effects. See the list here.