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Dungeon Crawl is a turn-based game. There are two, largely distinct definitions of a turn:

  • The turn counter: Every command, such as moving, attacking, or waiting, takes one turn. This is seperate from time; it doesn't matter how long or short these actions are, they'll increment 1 turn. Automatic commands, like resting with 5 or autoexplore, count towards multiple turns, as they are technically multiple actions done for you. The same applies to taking off or putting on equipment like armour or amulets. These are the turns stated in at the end of the game, and the turns used for scoring. The Stealth mechanic also checks for raw turns.
  • In most casual contexts (and some areas of the game), one turn is equal to one decaAut (10 aut, or arbitrary units of time). This is a relative measure that is more effective at describing what's happening within the game. In this case, 1 decaAut is the standard time for the majority of actions, such as moving or waiting. See the decaAut page for more details.

Character and monster behavior can't be fully explained with the raw turn counter (the first definition). For example: a skilled quickblade lets you attack at 0.3 decaAut. Swinging three times would be three game-turns, but only 0.9 decaAut. An average speed monster would only act once (if that) in that time, but you still swung 3 times total.