Zot (mythical wizard)

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Zot is the powerful entity responsible for the construction of the Orb of Zot and the entire Dungeon which guards the Orb. Zot originates from the MS-DOS game The Wizard's Castle, where he was a Gnomic wizard. Most players presume the Zot from Dungeon Crawl to be (or have been) that wizard, though whether Zot is even sentient in Dungeon Crawl is put into question.

Although often referenced in-game, Zot never makes a physical appearance. However, taking too long in the Dungeon will tick down the Zot clock; if the clock runs out, Zot finds and heavily drains you, killing adventurers who have already been sufficiently weakened. Whether it is alive, dead, a god, or even a wizard is never answered; Zot serves merely as a colorful character in the Dungeon Crawl back story:


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