Brom's Barrelling Boulder

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Brom's barrelling boulder.png Brom's Barrelling Boulder
Level 4
School1 Conjuration
School2 Earth
Source(s) Book of Geomancy
Book of the Spheres
Casting noise 5
Spell noise 0
Power Cap 200
Range 1
Flags Not self
Unleashes a massive rolling boulder in a given cardinal direction. The boulder squashes and knocks back creatures it strikes, suffering wear and tear with each hit. If it strikes a wall, it will explode into fragments of rock, doing damage that is strongly reduced by armour.
Spell Details
Damage Formula 2d(3 + power/12)
Max Damage 2d11
Max Power 100
Range LOS
Targeting Special
To-hit Never misses
Special Creates boulder on adjacent square;
Can hit multiple times

Brom's Barrelling Boulder is a level 4 Earth/Conjurations spell which creates a damaging boulder to hurl at your enemies.

Earth Elementalists start with this spell in their libraries.

Useful Info

Creates a boulder in a chosen adjacent tile. You cannot cast this spell on a monster. This boulder rolls in a straight line away from you, but for every tile moved, it has a 20% chance to wobble to either direction (10% to the left, 10% to the right).[1]

Whenever the boulder collides with a monster, it takes damage and is knocked back. If there are other monsters behind the victim, all the monsters are pushed back in a chain. If a monster is pushed into a wall or impassible terrain (e.g. deep water, lava), it takes extra knockback damage (2d11 at max power). Then, the boulder itself takes 2d5 damage.[2]

If the boulder hits a wall, it is destroyed and explodes in a 3x3 area. This deals the same damage as a boulder impact, but is reduced thrice by AC.

The boulder is treated as a monster: you cannot move into its tile, and it can be destroyed by attacks. It moves at speed 20 and has base HP of 27 (which is randomized like other monsters; does not depend on power). It can travel through deep water without being slowed down. It disappears after it leaves your line of sight.


  • While its damage is lower than Stone Arrow, the boulder can hit the same enemy multiple times. This spell can also be used to kite.


  • Brom's Barelling Boulder was introduced in 0.31.