Stone Arrow

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Version 0.23: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Stone arrow.png Stone Arrow
Level 3
School1 Conjuration
School2 Earth
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 3
Fires a sharp spine of rock.

Stone Arrow is a level 3 Earth Magic/Conjurations spell which fires a sharp rock at a single opponent, dealing physical damage. Although it can deal more damage than Throw Flame or Throw Frost, creatures with high AC will negate much of it.

Spell Details
Damage Formula 3d(5+Power/8)
Max Damage 3d11
Max Power 50
Range 4
Targeting Beam
To-hit 8+Power/10

Monster Version

The monster version is similar to the player version.

The following enemies cast Stone Arrow:

The following enemies may be able to cast Stone Arrow, depending on their spell set:

Tips & Tricks

Stone Arrow can be a great spell for the Lair branch, as very few of the monsters found there wear armour.