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Version 0.23: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Exclusions are areas of the Dungeon which have been marked as especially dangerous or unwise to explore. The auto-explore feature will avoid exclusion-marked areas entirely, and the game will ask you for confirmation before allowing you to walk into an exclusion manually. Exclusions will be automatically generated near terrain which is clearly dangerous to stand in (areas that naturally generate harmful clouds are the most common source), but you can create your own by entering Examine mode (press x), moving the cursor over the tile you wish to exclude, and then pressing e. Pressing e once will exclude all terrain within line of sight of the excluded tile, pressing it twice will only exclude the tile itself, and pressing it a third time will erase the exclusion altogether. Pressing Ctrl-E will remove all exclusions on the current floor.

Uses For Exclusions

  • Placing a line of sight exclusion on a sleeping monster you hope to avoid (hydras, dangerous uniques, etc.) will allow you to continue exploring a floor with auto-explore without the risk of waking it up. Bear in mind that there are many ways to generate noise that may wake it up, even if it's not currently visible.
  • If you've discovered a vault that you don't want to deal with immediately, placing a single tile exclusion on the door to it will ensure that you don't accidentally open it prematurely.
  • Players who tend to Tab their way through combat may wish to use single tile exclusions when involved in difficult battles near shallow water, webs, or other terrain that one may accidentally step into when automating combat.
  • Excluding all but one of the staircases on a floor will guarantee that you always use the remaining one when auto-travelling. This is useful when trying to minimize the time it takes to reach your stash.
  • Excluding stairs will give you a warning when you attempt to go up/down that staircase. This is useful to prevent yourself accidentally going downstairs to a dangerous pack of monsters or other danger.