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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

A creature's habitat determines what tiles it can traverse through without flight.

  • Land: Cannot travel through deep water or lava. Receives penalties in shallow water, unless flying or large-/giant- sized.
    • Fake Amphibious: Giant monsters with land habitat can travel through deep water, but without immunity to drowning.
  • Amphibious: Can travel through both land and water without penalty. Grants immunity to drowning.
  • Water: Can only travel in water, both shallow and deep. Grants immunity to drowning.
  • Amphibious lava: Can travel through land and lava without penalty. Receives penalties in shallow water unless flying or large-/giant- sized.
  • Lava: Can only travel in lava.

Almost everything in the game has either a land or amphibious habitat.

If a monster is dropped into deep water or lava without a suitable habitat, and it does not have flight, it will instantly die. E.g. land, amphibious, and water habitat monsters without flight will instantly die when entering a lava tile. If a player enters an unsuitable tile without flight, they are drained for every turn until they escape.

If a water habitat monster is outside water, or a lava habitat monster outside lava, it will flop around. When a monster is flopping, it takes damage every turn, moves randomly, and will try to seek to re-enter water/lava.