Hat of the High Council

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
A relic of some ancient wizarding war. Centuries later, it still crackles with effects from the residual hexes and magical energies it was once subjected to on a daily basis; spellcasters able to get a handle on its power, however, will find it enhances the power of their spells.

Hat of the High Council.png the +2 hat of the High Council

+2 hat

-50 Stealth

The anti-wizardry property of this fixedart adds a raw +7% spell failure rate to all spells before other wizardry reductions are applied. See Spell Success for details.


The hat of the High Council is a piece of headgear to be used carefully. Essentially giving you the Wild Magic mutation, characters who use little magic will have no use for it, as its defensive value is worse than a normal +2 helmet even before you consider the stealth penalty. Hybrid combat/spellcasters and characters who rely heavily on spells should also be careful with it; casting a spell reliably is almost always preferable to casting spells with high power.

The only characters for whom this hat is likely to be a good idea are those who have already trained the spells they intend to cast well past the point of reliability, and for them the additional spell power can be very welcome. Only late-game spellcasters who have stabilized their highest level spells are likely to fit this category.


  • This artifact was removed in 0.20.
  • In 0.15, the stealth penalty was increased from -20 to -50.
  • The hat of the High Council was added in 0.14.