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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.20 is a version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It was released on May 25, 2017.


  • New species: Barachim
  • New spells: Poisonous Vapours and Ignition
  • New scarf items: Armour for the cloak slot with new egos
  • New evocations: Wands and an evocable based on spells formerly found on rods

Branches, Environment

  • The Slime Pits treasure vault walls are breached when the Royal Jelly dies.
  • Web traps created in play (by e.g. jumping spiders) are destroyed on escape.
  • The Tomb of Ancients now has one-way escape hatches with return hatches nearby instead of stairs.
  • New transporter dungeon feature: a one-way portal to elsewhere on the level. Currently used in a number of new loot vaults.


  • New species: Barachim, with an powerful innate Hop ability and good aptitudes balanced by slow movement and an increased base LOS radius.
  • Ogre aptitudes have been adjusted, trading M&F skill for spells.
  • A Mummys' spellcasting aptitude has been increased to +2, from -1.
  • A Deep dwarf has an innate ability that heals them and has a chance of permanently reducing their MP. Their old recharge ability has been removed.
  • Loud noises no longer break mesmerization or fear.
  • Various 'badform' (e.g. wispform) special cases have been removed.
  • Several abilities that triggered exhaustion now have their own cooldown timers.
  • Removed:
    • High elves.
    • Mottled draconians.
    • Vestigial Lava Orcs/Djinni. Saves will load, but (after a prompt) will be converted to Hill Orcs/Vinestalkers.


  • The Shining One:
    • Cleansing Flame is more effective against non-evil enemies.
    • All bonus-damage 'stab' attacks are prevented.
    • Poison is no longer forbidden.
  • Minor Elyvilon wrath effects removed; enemy lifesaving strengthened.
  • Nemelex's wrath reclaims all decks, rather than sabotaging them.


  • The species selection menu has been reworked to have a more useful conceptual organization, with species grouped into "simple", "intermediate", and "advanced" categories.
  • Noise from the last turn is displayed in the top-right, replacing gold. (Gold can still be seen with % and $.)
  • Terminal colors now work properly on a wider range of terminals by default. However, as a consequence the default background map color is dark blue. To get dark grey, depending on your terminal you can set `bold_brightens_foreground=true` or `allow_extended_colours=true` in your rc file.
  • New equip_bar option that replaces the noise display with a display of the glyphs of your equipped items (console only).
  • Monsters' melee attacks, including estimates of potential damage, are now included in their descriptions.
  • The player's odds of succeeding with melee confusion attacks is displayed.
  • auto_butcher can be configured to trigger on different hunger levels.
  • Stash searches now hide distant duplicate matches of more vanilla weapons, armour, and ammo by default. Searches results are now first ordered by items' descriptive names, rather than by the whole string including determiners.
  • Red draining is now divided into red and magenta; magenta is the worst.
  • The mouse can be used in webtiles (now enabled by default, previously a secret option).
  • Local versions have much-improved support for custom sounds; see https://github.com/crawl/crawl/commit/4270d38ebf63 for details.
  • SDL Tiles now no longer disables screen savers.




  • New spell: Poisonous Vapours (L2 Poison/Air); creates an extremely short-duration poison cloud on a targeted creature. Appears in the VM book.
  • New spell: Ignition (L8 Fire). Drops a weakened Fireball on every monster in line of sight. The caster and their allies are unaffected.
  • Gell's Gravitas is now Translocations only (was Tloc/Hex).
  • Portal Projectile is now Tloc/Hex (was Translocations only).
  • Swapped Portal Projectile and Gell's Gravitas in the Wr/AM starting books.
  • Book of Conjurations: Battlesphere replaced with Force Lance.
  • Book of Air: Repel Missiles replaced with Airstrike.
  • Confusing Touch is less effective, especially against high-HD enemies.
  • Sandblast consumes stones directly from inventory, but no longer functions without ammo, and cannot consume large rocks.
  • Removed: